spring breeze

as you probably know or have noticed
I’m going through a fit of Congruencing
you know that spring breeze scent?
the one that incites you to dream up wishes
your whole body wants to skip and frolic,
you desperately desire to sweep off the porch, start fresh,
(yes, whoosh-goodbye to what is old and done!)
roll in the grass, and then maybe a nap?

that is a bit like what Congruencing feels like
to me, at least
right now

good plus hard

there is good and hard to everything
this is the way of things
and there is good and hard to Congruencing

tingly excitement, freshness, newness, desire to engage again

hard: releasing what needs to be released stirs up dust
(of the emotional and energy varieties)
and, also, of course, yes,
you become keenly aware of ALL THE THINGS
that are currently incongruent, disharmonious, stagnant, out of date…

which leads to all flavors of crises
from “augh I don’t know what to wear, everything is unappealing and terrible”,
like, seriously Kim Kardashian levels of nothing to wear,
to the monsters that show up because
oh look Nothing In Your Life Is Working
which is not actually true

not true

it’s just that your attention is now drawn
to the bits that need fixing and patching
the things that need to exit your life
so that’s what you see

it isn’t the whole picture
it’s just where your focus is

I learn this and re-learn this every time Congruencing strikes
and then forget it again
right now all I can see is what is wildly incongruent
and out of date
which means the only answer is to laugh
and open the windows to let new air in

so here’s something funny

I have a sidebar
and it has a list of people’s favorite blog posts
in addition to my recommendations of what to read

and this list is from (drumroll…)
which is about a hundred years ago in internet years
there’s even a link to the post from that year where
everyone named their favorite posts
and get this, even that post was brought on by a wave of congruencing
which is a good reminder to me that
this is just how life is: alive
and constantly changing,
in flux, not stagnant

sweeping away dust and letting fresh air in
(or more modern versions of “chop wood, carry water”, like deleting and archiving)
is the work of life
and this isn’t bad
there is holiness in everything
bringing light to forgotten corners is good work
even when it brings up distress about how did all these corners get forgotten

let’s play

it’s time to make a new list for the sidebar
or at least to reflect on what might go there
if/when I get around to a new one

here is what I would love to know

what are your favorite posts?
which posts would you want to share with someone?
where would you point someone new?
what posts if any from the current list would you keep there?

I know this is not the easiest question,
there are 1586 posts — and now 1587, ta da!
but if some memory is stirred in you
a piece of writing of mine that
was meaningful to read
please share
I would like that
and it would help me with this spring mission

here are some of my favorite posts

and I don’t like to reread this one because it makes me cry,
but exit as you wish to continue is very beautiful and full of truth

what goes in the list?

tell me what you love or remember or find yourself returning to
let’s see if we can make a small sweet library for new people to start with
(or really anyone who showed up after 2009!)
and then maybe we can do it again in a few years
smiling about all the beautiful unexpected things we have learned and revealed
between now and then

“remember when you used to write in Woem form, for no reason?”, you’ll say
and we will have a good laugh about that too
or maybe by then I will have elevated woems to a brilliant art form
and we will laugh about that instead
laughter will be there for us either way
and sweetness
I can tell

thank you for helping me with this
I love playing with you here

thank you
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