Friday chickenWhere I cover the good and the hard in my week, visiting the non-preachy side of ritual and self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

What worked?

Ending Fake Beach Day with feet.

Fake Beach Day is great while it’s happening, except then the end gets all stressful and not-fun.

This time Danielle and I went to the Barefoot Sage and ended Fake Beach Day with foot soak and foot massage.

It held the magic of actually going to the beach: Tranquility. Expansiveness. Spaciousness. Ritual. Grounding. Freedom. Lightheartedness. And feeling stones and water under your feet.

And then I went to see Wally and we worked on that some more.

Making life a little easier for Incoming Me.

Little things. Setting them up.

Untying my dance shoes so they’ll be easier to put on.

Packing my bag the night before. Setting the water bottle by the door.

Secret ops at the [radiant smile time].

Last time that I was at the (shh, dentist), I made lots of notes for slightly future me.

And now I’m here! And all set up with code words and a secret postcard, special entry rituals and lots of reminders.

It was amazing. I went to Cam of the magic fingers, I’d already booked the room I like best, and I got to sit in the humming, vibrating heated massage chair while she put rose oil on my temples. It was ease-filled, peaceful, speedy and calm.

And it turned out that I’d overpaid last time or something? Anyway, the entire cleaning and x-rays came to $16. What?!

The theme of this week was CHANGE IT UP.

Change it up change it up!

This worked like a mantra and a theme song and a battle cry and a reminder.

And it made things that might not have been fun seem like they were part of a bigger adventure.

Next time I might…

Have a list of possible Middle of The Night Putterings.

For when I wake up in the middle of the night full of energy and wanting to putter, but not remembering what needs doing.

FInd the new metaphor first.

As soon as I play with metaphor mouse, everything gets better.

But sometimes I’ll try to make things work for way too long without changing the words.

Set a quota on how many appointments can be squeezed into a week.

Because a thing about Havis is that they can’t handle this much interaction.

The hard.

  • The Zipcar excursion that ballooned into a giant mess.
  • Tired. Very, very tired.
  • Time is going so fast!
  • Too many meetings.
  • Too many appointments.
  • Too much running around.
  • So much to do! All the time gremlins.
  • My playmate was AWOL, and we were both too busy to play and this sucked.
  • I need playtime to be at my most brilliantly creative, and playtime wasn’t happening.
  • A fun thing getting postponed for six whole days. Also the resulting crankiness.
  • Delay, in general.
  • Locked doors.
  • A thing that fizzled so hard, and I didn’t want it to fizzle and I was pretty attached to it not fizzling, but it was the time for fizzle.
  • Even though the fizzling had nothing to do with me, I tried to make it about me.
  • Forgetting.

The good.

  • Two (two!) skype-dates with Marisa!
  • Conducting, when I remembered to do it, was the best.
  • Wally and I are doing genius things together.
  • Dancing it up. A lot. And feeling great.
  • A Friday night that got canceled and uncanceled and re-canceled and finally happened, and all of this turned out to be just right.
  • Best fake beach day ever..
  • Every single thing about going to the dentist on Tuesday.
  • Okay, every single thing about Tuesday, period.
  • Waking up Wednesday with all the sparkly energy in the world. And with the perfect Nook-Booking solution (a previously unsolvable problem: solved!).
  • Anticipation is my drug of choice.
  • Two weeks until I’m off to the VICARAGE!
  • Eddie.
  • Baths, baths and more baths.
  • It is not as cold as it has been.
  • Lighter in the mornings! More fun to go to early dance class.
  • Going to early dance class means so much more day in front of me!
  • Feeling outrageously inspired (thanks again, Most Wonderful Tuesday!) and getting all the things done.
  • Change it up! I’m a redhead again. For the first time in maybe twelve years. Liking it.
  • Change it up! I wrote the Nook page and the secret door page and all the things!
  • Change it up! The hallway is now becoming home. The red chair is in the right place. The new curtains are the right ones.
  • Mariko. Hi!
  • Athena laughing with delight (and with the light), and trying not to say I-told-you-so, but mainly just delighted and also maybe saying I-told-you-so. She was right, and I am glad.

WHAM BOOM! Operations completed this week:

The phrase Whoosh Ha Mastodon Boom is secret agent code that means: this op is done, baby! It is often shortened to WHAM boom.

The main op that worked this week is an ongoing one that has to do with timing and flow. It’s actually kind of a game that normally I have a lot of trouble with. But this week it worked!

Every time I had Time Stress about “this is late” and “this is not done” and “I am behind”, I invoked the superpowers of No, Waiting Is Good And Letting Things Percolate Is Good And This Is Right Timing.

And guess what? Everything was good.

It turned out to be PERFECT that I hadn’t written [project X] because then I found out what it was actually supposed to be about. It was good that I didn’t do the things I thought I should be doing because they way they ended up happening turned out to be even better.

This week I remembered this. And I delighted in the apparent dead ends and locked doors, knowing that they were clues. And this is a big deal!

Operation APPLE Wham boom!
Operation THIRTY SIX Wham boom!
Operation THREE SYMBOLS Wham boom!
Operation CORNCOB PIPE Wham boom!
Operation SCHMURPHY TANGO Wham boom!
Operation LUSCIOUS CURTAINS Wham boom!
Operation 2014 Athena in the Sun Part I Wham boom!

Whoosh Ha Mastodon Boom! Wham Boom! Wham Boom!

You may also shout (or whisper) other joyous words if you like.


A superpower I had this week…

The superpower of Humming! I asked for this in the VPAs, and then I got it in all of these fabulous and unexpected ways.

For example, in the form of the heated massage chair at the dentist!

And the superpower of Channeling A Certain Oh Let’s Call It Sexy Awe to help with copywriting.

And a superpower I want next week.

The superpower of Entering the Bat Cave. And the superpower of Time Expands When I Need It To.

Playing live at the meme beach house — the Fake Band of the Week!

Background. Ez and I make up bands. Stu (retired Bolshevik-fearing voice-to-text software) once invented hanging out at the Meme Beach House“. It’s just one guy.

This week’s band apparently comes from me, but I don’t remember the context. Thanks go to Richard for reminding me that this is the band.

Cinnamon Demo Tape

They sound… kind of like that.

Though, of course, it’s really just one guy.

Hallo Hallo! I am saying Hallo Hallo. Announcement time.

Picture me wearing that crazy hat

The class on TIME. I feel strongly about it.

It is breaking people’s brains. But in a good way.

That’s it for me …

Join my Friday ritual in the comments if you feel like it. Or call silent retreat!

We let people have their own experience. We’re supportive and welcoming. And we don’t give advice (unless people specifically ask for it).

Wishing you a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious day, a restful weekend and a happy week to come.

Shabbat shalom.

p.s. It’s fine if it’s not Friday anymore. There’s complete chicken amnesty — join in whenever (or not) and it’s no big deal.