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We are not impressed by monsters. Except when we are. We explore the connections between internal territories and surrounding environment to learn what marvelously supportive delicious space feels like, and how to take exquisite care of ourselves. We transform things.* We glow wild.**

* For example: Desire, fear, worry, pain-and-trauma, boundaries, that problematic word which rhymes with flaweductivity.

** Fair warning: Self-fluency has been known to lead to extremely subversive behavior, including treasuring yourself unconditionally, unapologetically taking up space, experiencing outrageously improbable levels of self-acceptance, and general rejoicing in aliveness.


Friday Chicken #152: Someday I’m gonna marry that girl

Friday chickenIn which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of ritual and self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

Friday? I do not believe you. I also do not believe that it is July.

But okay. Fine. Let’s say that it is. I guess we could chicken then. Let’s do it.

The hard stuff

A less-than-24-hours vacation is NOT a vacation!

I had a mini-holiday that was lovely. Lovely!

But so short.

Over before I’d even started softening into the idea that I was there.

Annoyances, grumbles and irritability.

So many things getting on my nerves.


Not getting done any of what I’d planned/hoped.

And somehow it’s Friday already.

An awkward, horrible, stupid conversation.

Not with you. You’re fine.

People who don’t want to adapt to a situation when adaptation is both the obvious answer and the only viable solution.

My stuff. It comes up.


Or really just sleep-disrupted.


Massive internet hangover.

Despite the huge amount of assembled information in the Book of Me about why I need to be very judicious when it comes to how much time I spend online and what I spend it on…

I forgot. Or fell off the wagon. Or something.

But I went on an internet binge that left me feeling dazed and miserable. Surprise.

And it took way longer than usual to clear out and come back to myself.

The good stuff

Sunday Parkways.

A three hour Sunday Parkways walk in North Portland.

Stopping at a park to sit on the grass.

Watching adorable chubby naked children gleefully dancing around in the various fountain-like water-spurting structures: JOY.

Watching unsuspecting passersby (mostly the oblivious parents of frolicking children) get bombed with water from the highly unpredictable water-spurting structures: COMIC GOLD.

Walking in the streets was beautiful. The freak flags were flying. There was a pirate. Can’t wait for the next one.

Super exciting roller derby bouts.

Away games = much yelling at the computer screen while streaming the bouts.

Rose City’s Wheels of Justice went to Philly for ECDX — the East Coast Derby Extravaganza.

They got beaten by Gotham but put up a good fight. And really, everyone gets beaten by Gotham. Oh, wait, not anymore. Thank you, Oly Rollers! Thank you, Rocky Mountain!

Plus I got to see Scald Eagle line up next to Bonnie Thunders on the jam line. Double swoon! My two favorite skaters in the world, outskating each other!

But then things got even better with was Rose City’s impressive take-down of Philly (the Liberty Belles!) — our skaters held them scoreless for TWENTY THREE minutes running. It was pretty great.

That’s the number five ranked team in the western region handily beating the number two team in the eastern region. In case you’re ever talking to one of those people who think the talk about west coast derby culture is “just hype”.

Marriage equality in New York.

It’s official.

And beautiful.

Not that Bonnie Thunders even knows who I am. Yet. But that’s not the point, is it. Civil rights! That’s the point. Yes.

Vacation! I love it!

Even though it was just one day (okay, less than one day), and purely symbolic, it was just beautiful.

The drive was outrageously beautiful. The hotel was lovely. I had a brutally great massage. There was bourbon. I was happy.

We are the rose city! (You can’t stop us!)

So yeah, it was a terrible, horrible, humiliating week in the world of football, which I shouldn’t have even brought up. But it’s rose season like crazy right now so I’m thinking about roses and how we’re the Rose City, and then all the football chants get stuck in my head.

Anyway, ROSES! My goodness.

They are everywhere! They smell incredible! Every day I meet a new one and fall in love.

Lovely foods from the Hoppy House garden.

We are eating well here at Hoppy House.

Strawberries and blueberries! Wonderful beets! Peas and beans and broccoli and lettuce and so many delicious things.

Frauen WM!

Local football might be having a tragic week but it’s the Women’s World Cup right now and I’ve really been enjoying the matches I’ve seen.

Though it was kind of hearbreaking to watch the North Korean players doing the whole Arrested Development Charlie Brown saddest slump-walk ever as they came off the pitch.

Wait, here’s Tobias doing it. Even better.

Anyway, World Cup. Yay!

The Shiva Nata sneak snack preview picnic call yesterday.

So much fun!

We had over two hundred people. Despite the fact that I totally bailed on all the things I was supposedly going to do to spread the word about it.

The smart, thoughtful, useful questions and insights were flying so fast on the Chattery that I couldn’t even keep up (luckily there’s a chatroom transcript for everyone).

So many amazing people! Such a pleasure!

Thank you, everyone who was a part of it and who helped spread the word.

And if you want the recording and chattery transcript, you can still sign up and get it.

Things I’ve been looking at, reading, enjoying obsessing over this week.

And … playing live at the meme beach house it’s the Fake Band of the Week!

My brother and I have this thing where we come up with ridiculous band names and then say in this really pretentious, knowing tone, “Oh, well, you know, it’s just one guy.”

This week’s band is kind of a bluesy group:

Chandelier Fetishist

Catch them at the festival. Buy their new album. And don’t tell anyone but it’s really just one guy.

That’s it for me …

And of course you can join in my Friday ritual right here in the comments if you feel like it.

Yes? Anything hard and/or good happen in your week?

And, as always, have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious day, a restful weekend and a happy week to come. Shabbat shalom.

p.s. It’s okay if it’s not Friday anymore. There’s complete chicken amnesty — you can join in whenever (or not) and it’s no big deal.

24 Responses to Friday Chicken #152: Someday I’m gonna marry that girl

  1. Hannah says:

    Friday Chicken Time!

    Thanks for the DAA link – that’s a lovely lovely post.

    * The Good *

    – being home – recovery and people i have known for YEARS
    – summer – the existential hotness turning into a thunder storm and just being inside on time
    – making some progress on the living arrangements
    – reading lot’s around here and talking to family and realizing it’s fine to not-know what’s happening

    * The Bad *

    – not working as much as “should” happen
    – a big scare and mis-communication with Important Work People – very scary
    – wanting to drop a commitment and not knowing how yet
    – being all awake one night after a busy busy day

    It was a good week! which i wouldn’t know without the chicken – thank you chicken ritual and Havi and Selma!

  2. seagirl says:

    The Good:
    The Dread of the last year+ has ended. The bankruptcy that I had thought had to be filed and that was causing more shame and anxiety than I realized will not be filed. Debts are settled. Monsters are gone. Future is existing. All because I “screwed up” the process at the last minute and then freaked out when I found out and then my lawyer said “well, what don’t we do this-and-so, since that looks like a better plan now than filing and it’s possible when it wasn’t a year ago.” And so it ends. And that is the best freaking thing ever.

    Letting go. Letting go of the boy that I loved for so long. For too long. This is truly independence day.

    A fun filled weekend planned for what used to be my least favorite holiday. Patterns changing.

    The Hard:
    Reading back over my journal last night to remember what it felt like to go through life inside my brain since last October. The poor lamb. I just wanted to pick her up and run with her to July. But here we are together now. And all is well.

  3. Dawn says:

    Friday, I don’t not believe you either. But the Chicken has appeared, so it must be so.

    The Hard:
    -Anxiety over work presentation.
    -Frustration over feet pain.
    -Old anxiety coming back — frustrating that I keep believing my anxious brain.
    -Very tired due to busy days and not enough sleep.
    -Really itchy bug bites/blisters. Chiggers? Fleas? I took many precautions (sorry about all the toxins!), and it appears they’re improving.
    -Almost poisoned the cat with toxic flea treatment.
    -Sadness over (different) ailing cat. The waiting is hard.
    -Freak dream about being obligated to eat cats in a foreign country. (!)

    The Good:
    +Presentation went very, very well.
    +Feeling more confident and less depressed.
    +The bounties from the garden are so great — lots of different squash dishes, and tomatoes are started to grace us with their presence. Beans galore, too! Come on, blueberries. I know you’re bursting and ready…any day now…
    +It’s Friday, and it should be a nice weekend, with travel to visit bf’s family in the middle of nowhere.
    +Looong weekend ahead!
    +Go NY!
    Dawn recently posted… Giving Myself the Silent Treatment

  4. Dawn says:

    I don’t not believe. Ha! Maybe my brain knows something I don’t. :)
    Dawn recently posted… Giving Myself the Silent Treatment

  5. Lori Paximadis
    Twitter: Virtuallori

    @Seagirl, I’m truly delighted for you.

    Let’s chicken!

    This week’s hard:
    – Not quite where I wanted to be on my to-do list to gear up for the Ten Days of Crazy ahead. Easily distractible this week.
    – Still lamenting how crazy difficult it can be to make new friends at my stage in life.
    – Settled in for a movie night with what was supposed to be a light chick flick but ended up being a depressing movie about addiction and death and selfish people. Really didn’t need that at the time. And I watched the whole thing, thinking it would all of a sudden turn into the cute romp I thought it should be.

    This week’s good:
    – Holy carp I can’t believe the book project that just landed in my lap! Somebody Famous — really famous. And I can’t shout it from the rooftops because it’s just not cool in this business to talk about the books you’re working on until they’re ready to hit the shelves. But: Score!
    – My new-ish system for dealing with projects is working just as intended: it allowed me to shuffle things around so that I could take on this famous person’s book without putting any other projects in jeopardy.
    – Beautiful, glorious week here in Ohio. Summer weather like I remember it being when I was a kid. Office outposts on my front porch and back patio so I can enjoy it yet still get stuff done.

    Happy Friday, Chickeneers!
    Lori Paximadis recently posted… visitor

  6. Jane
    Twitter: JaneOfArdis

    This week has been weird…at some points feeling incredibly happy, certain I’m doing the right thing, that thing’s are going to work out and then caught up in the doom of doom.

    The hard:

    – complete and utter overwhelm from trying to do a multitude of things at once and berating myself for not having done them earlier
    – huge shoe…that hit right on all my most vulnerable stuff. Ow.
    – fear
    – Thursday – falling apart, despair, tears, sadness, things just generally going wrong
    – noise from video games. I do not like. It’s like my aural kyrptonite

    The good:

    – got my first dissertation chunk mailed off to my supervisor
    – went to a cafe to edit, and it really worked
    – Monday afternoon’s walk
    – Thursday snack preview call. So many insights and ideas, and the excercises calmed me right down
    – also managed to get some photos I was happy with
    – ideas for stuff I could and feeling ready to teach again
    – encouraging and useful discussion with careers guy
    – applied for a volunteer role I think would be awesome
    – Open Houses day…so interesting and fun. I bought art! Yay! And met lovely people and one gorgeous cat.
    – met another new interesting person on Saturday
    – how could I have forgotten this, someone sent me a flickr mail about how much they love my self portraits, ending with the sentence ‘thank you for your humanity.’
    – sunshine. It’s happened. Yay.
    – Even when I fell apart, I didn’t hate myself for it. And tried some rescue techniques. Progress!
    – Processing the shoe’s impact led to some insights

    No wonder this week felt intense. Because it was.

    Happy weekends chickeners!

  7. Kathleen Avins
    Twitter: spiralsongkat

    Chicken? Chicken!

    Whoosh went the month of June. This means I have one month to get those revisions done on my dissertation proposal. Um. Eek?
    –My sweetie was very cranky yesterday. Hard for him, hard for me.

    –This year’s Horde Weekend (house party) went much better for me than last year’s did. I was actually able to enjoy myself and the people around me.
    –We took a lovely little day trip to Baltimore, poked around in interesting shops and had Greek tapas. I didn’t know there was even such a thing as Greek tapas, but yum! (Poking around on Wikipedia, I gather that meze is the equivalent Mediterranean practice, but the restaurant I was in did call it tapas. Anyway, if I get to eat lovely little servings of pastitsio and baba ganoush and stuffed peppers, etc., they can call it anything they like!)

    Happy weekending to all…
    Kathleen Avins recently posted… The day I believed that cats could paint.

  8. VickiB says:

    Friday. Again. Um. Yay? I don’t know.

    The Hard:
    -Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, angry, ineffective, paralyzed, sleepless, worn out, worried. Heat and humidity. Itch mites. Obstacles.

    The Good:
    + Writing stuff for the Fountain was helpful; I deleted two thirds of what I wrote, and it was still a long comment. Helpful to me even though I deleted a lot. I realized some important stuff.
    + Changed the way I approach a particular project and it broke loose some of the stuckness.
    + Making progress on one thing helped move some other things.
    + My husband is kind, understanding, supportive.
    + My sense of humor has returned. So has my pleasure in a favorite cafe.

    Gratitude. Someone posted a link to thxthxthx.com, and I followed it. What a great idea. Found a book called Living Life as a Thank You. Somebody is trying to tell me something.

    Okay. Thank you, comment mice. I learn from you as well as from Havi. Thank you, hot weather, for making me stay indoors. I’m not breathing dust and pollen. Thank you, itch mites, for making me get an extra shower today. It felt good and helps against the heat as well as the itch.

    Thank you, Havi.

  9. Tapley
    Twitter: tapleyruth

    Oh I’m glad it is Friday. Bring on the chicken.
    The hard
    -getting frustrated with beloved family members I am currently vacationing with
    -not enough spaciousness and me-time to help cushion me against above frustration
    -missing my husband, who is not traveling with us – missing him for himself, but also missing having someone with me who completely gets me
    -forgetting about my claustrophobic tendencies when deciding to tour naval vessels at Pearl Harbor. Gah.
    -having to miss snack preview call so I could tour aforementioned vessels with family. Grumble.
    -little brother coming down with a stomach complaint that resulted in the three of us spending an entire day in sight of Waikiki Beach, but stuck in the hotel room playing monopoly

    The good
    -the beach. So much good. Watching the sun sparkle on the water. Frolicing in the water, watching the palm trees sway. Love.
    -got to upgrade for the flight from LA to Honolulu. Soooo much comfier.
    -yummy, yummy foods
    -reconnecting with family
    -late night moments to myself, just sitting in the sand and communing with the waves and the stars

    hmm. I know I’ve typed stuff below this point, but my iPhone won’t let me go back to it. Oh well. Happy Friday everyone.
    Hmm. Rereading that it looks like so much more hard than good, but the truth is that for me, extended time on the beach balances out a lot of hard.

  10. Andi
    Twitter: annaline_39

    July?! July :)

    When something is hard so long that you can’t even cry over your dead koi, that’s some serious hard.

    Exhaustion and feeling like I can’t take a break because I’m the one bringing in the monies right now.

    Today’s in-house coaching visit was canceled and the hair on fire hamster is freaking out (no pay? no way! hair on fire hair on fire!)

    Today’s in-house coaching visit was canceled and I can paint under the trees instead.

    Not only did Justin’s Nut Butters send me a coupon for being their fan on Facebook, but it was on sale at Kroger’s so I got $2 off, yay!

    My movable opening on Tuesday was fantastic, even though it was at a different show than originally planned. One advantage to having two shows running in the same town :)

    Yellow. And orange and blue and green and magenta.

    Two hours at the university library yesterday just looking at the art magazines. Inspiration, I can haz it.


    Homemade curry bread.

    Hogs and kisses!
    Andi recently posted… What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  11. Briana
    Twitter: brianaaldrich

    Best Arrested Development episode ever! Might have to watch it this weekend.

    The hard:
    -Oh, Saturday through Tuesday. I don’t really know why.
    -Sinus congestion, gah!

    The good:
    -Brilliantly helpful and uplifting chat with a friend. Went into it feeling all gunked up, came out feeling like I’d been dunked in a sparkling pool of possibility.
    -Seeing my best friend’s baby girl dressed in the ridiculous bloomers I sewed for her.
    -Being kinda nice to myself. Whoa.
    -Being reminded of the Charlie Brown episode. Seriously, it is that good.

    Happy Friday!
    Briana recently posted… Being wobbly

  12. Melissa says:

    I’m curious because I haven’t seen it mentioned recently. Where’s the shiva nata iphone app at? did it pass through apple’s moderation yet?

    The Hard
    – The end of the fiscal year and being pulled in a million directions at once. And being frazzled and feeling like work is just too much.

    – the endless to do list of things that got pushed off because of the end of the fiscal year.

    – messy desk syndrome.

    The Good

    – someone commented on my web serial novel thingy. *yay* this means someone actually read (the start of) my story and liked it.

    – The fiscal year is over now.

    – Ironman training is going well – i flew on the bicycle yesterday and I feel so much better once I’ve worked out. Also, the 90 mile bikeride on sat and the long run on sunday kind of helped with having confidence that i can actually finish this thing, which is good, because the crazy ironman thing is officially this month.

    – Writing flash fiction and drawing a new comic adventure.
    Melissa recently posted… Episode 6 – So Very Helpful

  13. Deb says:

    It’s July! And I made it; I really, really made it to July and did not run out of money. Doing happy dance and sharing sparkle glitter with Seagirl. However, I still have a couple of things to pay off but starting today it will be a gazillion times easier and faster. But I’m ahead of myself.

    – Not knowing if something out of schedule would throw my accounts into the red before the midnight payments hit. But all went according to plan.

    – Cooperating with the voice in my head for the past 2 years and 6 weeks that kept insisting that “things are happening on time” when that just defied reason.

    – The letter resigning from the committee chair so far has not been either acknowledged or replied to. And it really wasn’t a surprise, and reinforced that there are serious character/commitment problems in the first line leadership.

    – My life being altogether in one place, where there is love and respect and appreciation every day.

    – This is the last weekend of out-of-town company for a while. I love family but enough is enough and I need to recuperate as well as finish unpacking and moving in.

    – The garden is amazing with peppers ready, tomatoes about to turn, and squash have started setting fruit.

    – Finally getting time to catch up on cycling but the legs are rebelling.

    That’s it for me. I’m off to celebrate with the long weekend, cookouts, and maybe some fireworks. Happy 4th everybody.

  14. Ingrid
    Twitter: theonlyingrid

    Oh, oh oh oh Friday!

    The hard:
    Serious PMS meltdown. Woah, it was not so good. I don’t get irritable, I get sad.

    The first place that potentially looked good after months of looking is made of split-face block. Which means neither of us wants it at ALL anymore.

    The dog is crazy.

    Bolivia. I have always wanted to go. The BF wants to go later. Maybe not at all, or only once. SO HARD. See PMS reference above. What does this mean?! At this age, I might not make it to Bolivia anyhow. But I would feel so bad if I didn’t and just gave up on that idea. I don’t know what to do at all and it is hard and sad.

    My family is crazier than the dog. Not in a good way. This is hard. I see lots of destruction, and I don’t like it.

    The Good:

    I have better coping skills. I don’t have to be involved in the negativity. I can walk away.

    The dog is doing BETTER. She is on DRUGS which I don’t really like, but it is a dramatic difference. We are doing behavioral therapy too. It is expensive. But I love my dog.

    I have my own car and I can control the 4th of July family trip. It does make me wonder about signing up for the Great Ducking Out this year…

    I finished a blogging class and I now have my own real blog. This is also really hard, because, Is it any good? Will I say something dumb? What if I upset people? Do something wrong? Arg. Overall good though.

    I have a very sweet BF. That is very good.

    Thank you for the choir links, it made my day!
    Ingrid recently posted… Happy Fourth of July! Expect to see “Back to School Sale!” tomorrow…

  15. Dawn Haney
    Twitter: dawnmarissa

    Friday? And July?

    The Hard
    – Not hearing back from the job I really wanted. Not even a “Sorry, we’ve selected another candidate.” Since they wanted someone to start July 5th, I think it’s time to let it go, but I’m still sad and annoyed to not have official closure.
    – Ongoing frustrations with my current work aren’t getting any better. On the surface, my concerns are heard, but there’s not any attitude or behavior change.
    – Crazy intense day of back pain. Ow. Total loss of Tuesday.

    The Good
    – Hanging out at the beach with a friend & getting to take her to my new favorite ocean overlook restaurant. Wishing she gets the job here so she can move closer!
    – Seeing Tales of the City: The Musical & loveloveloving it! Now I just want to curl up in bed with the books all weekend
    – Brunch last Sunday was divine. Good food, good people. Finally feeling at home in a social setting with people I don’t know that well.
    – Skyping with my parents and 6-year old nephew. And getting to hear stories about him talking about me. And not feeling like the far away aunt he doesn’t really remember.
    – Helpful session on boundary setting with a somatics practitioner I was trying out. Yay for starting to find some new support people for the hard!
    – My first SF Pride wasn’t what I expected it to be, but if I drop the expectations, it was pretty fabulous. And I found the bodylove and courage to be out in public with just pasties on top! Totally liberating.

    Lots of fabulous moments this week, in the sea of hard job stuff that’s been bringing me down. Putting some effort toward shifting my job situation is making me feel better, even if it’s not actually shifted yet.
    Dawn Haney recently posted… Welcome to the Club

  16. michelle marlahan
    Twitter: lovewastingtime

    [out from the lurking shadows to say…]

    thanks!! (that’s the good)

    and the hard is:

    yes, vacations are so short! i was on a whole week of vacation/retreat last week and it was hard to leave the cocoon. i could feel my protective coverings coming back to shield me from the *hard* of the world.

    but so good that i got to go. hoping for more than 23 hours for you soon, friend.


  17. claire
    Twitter: claireofRA

    The hard:
    Though my doc assured me I could pull out my stitch(es?) myself, it did not go as easily as she implied. Started ok albeit a little grisly and went downhill from there. Didn’t even get all of it out. sigh.

    Not feeling well.

    The good:
    Marriage equality in NY, yay!

    Shiva Nata picnic snack call, woo!

    Watched a fun class on shooting fireworks that is going to replay all weekend on creativelive.com for free.

    Learned about 3 other library catalog networks I can search, 2 of which I can request from online. And I’ve already gotten some items I had not been able to find more locally.

    Fresh watermelon and strawberries!
    claire recently posted… Life of Art SitRep #73 I’ll take this zag

  18. Claire P
    Twitter: making_space


    – Not feeling hopeful or safe.

    – Feelings of hope and safety being undermined by *things*. Not being able to be heard on *things* until the end of the tether has been reached. The end of the tether sucks big time.

    – Chicken pox!! Poor little lad… Miserable few days of fever and pain and terrible itch. Holding his hands to stop him scratching at night and not being able to do anything else to help except say “I hold your hands so you know that I’m WITH you sweetheart…”, “you’re wif me…”.

    – Quarantine = can’t get to lovely farmers market. Supermarket food = Not.The.Same.

    – Updated the resume. Urrgghhh. Like pulling teeth.

    – Feeling over-exposed and fearful that I’ve been irritating after spending too much time in my I’m-entitled-to-be-here-too Anti-Shyness state. The inner shy child is still there and still wants to be liked and not irritating and oh noooo what if I was too loud and and and… Poor Child-Me. Still!

    – A week off work is going to dent the income over the next month by 25%. I don’t have a 25% cushion. Also still no progress on the Moo-La-La money mgmt project. Of course!

    + I don’t have to hold my child’s hands while he suffers through anything worse than chicken pox. Thank GOD.

    + Feeling heard in the end. Faith returning. I cannot live without hope.

    + Got the resume updated. Can move on to the next bit now!

    + Little lad keeps on talking more and more. Yay! Play therapy works. Bought him a new gorgeous train set, tool kit and put together a doctor’s bag and seeing him use them appropriately. (Mostly, the trains telling each other that they had chicken pox and putting cream on each other was not exactly a logical storyline but it does demonstrate a bunch of other play skills are developing beautifully, and besides, how cute??!!)

    + Took little lad out to the mountains for a ride on the old steam train so that the train set (and every train show on telly) would make more sense seeing as he would actually have SEEN a steam train. He dug it, of course. Very fun.

    + Homemade sauerkraut is ready and organic farmers market produce soup from the freezer. Yum.

    + Quarantine is over.

    + Got a week off work and lots of time with little lad. Mmmmm stay-at-home-mum for the win! Too bad I’m not built for full-time SAHMhood. Still a nice place to visit.

    Bk bk bk BKARK.

  19. mary jane
    Twitter: Mararose10

    The Hard:

    Dog drama. Which is really people drama in this case. If not dogs, there would be something else…sigh….

    Ongoing brain freeze about where we will live. Stuck.

    Taking a deep look at the personal stuff hidden behind the Stuck.

    The Good:

    Hanging out with awesome new friends. Yay!

    A path of possibility opening out of the Stuck.

    Epiphany about where we might live. Outside-the-box possible solution. Yay! Fingers crossed, many hopeful thoughts.

    Recognizing that my commitment to meditate every day as part of my morning ritual is solid.
    mary jane recently posted… Instagram Rocks

  20. Leela
    Twitter: LeelaSinha


    The hard: no eggs! (speaking of chickens). No good eggs anyway.

    weird emotional nonsense, probably as a result of changing the herbal tincture. Dear body: please can we not?

    also, crazyrunningaroundweek because suddenly we are busy and the tourists have arrived. Glad for the uptick in my sweetheart’s business, but for the sprinting, notsomuch.

    the good:
    got the pieces of paper to mail in for the other piece of paper! mailed! So now I wait.
    the uptick in business! good!
    the weather! much improved!
    two new clients whom I adore.

    and yay, new clients and yay chickens!
    Leela recently posted… pleasure. money. sex.

  21. Marie
    Twitter: snakecharmers

    Friday Chicken? July? Really? Bwaaack!

    So long since I chickened (not long since I chickened out, however).

    The Good:

    -Starting to chip away at Things That Must Be Done
    -Getting better at learning what works for me and what doesn’t (although haven’t actually started written Book of Me, which I need to do)
    -Improving at expecting less out of myself, which results in more (oh the irony)

    The Bad:

    -Sadness and overwhelm at having to do the right thing and help various family members develop systems and support that works for them. This is hard, y’all!
    -Having to share my metaphorical oxygen mask from metaphorical pressure loss in plane, even though I could really, really use all that oxygen myself

    The Ugly:

    -Feeling underappreciated, which I hate feeling
    -Feeling like I can’t have anything for myself ’cause I always have to share, wah wah wah
    -Recognizing what a bitter, angry old woman I am for resenting weekly email with rapturous updates from gloriously successful relative with beyond perfection children and grandchildren who went to Ivy League schools (of course) and accomplish Great Things even in their sleep. (Can’t unsubscribe because occasionally these missives contain news of lowly family members who don’t fly on gossamer angel wings and poop gold.)

  22. Leocadia says:

    Vive la chicken amnesty!

    The hard:
    – Someone who means a lot to me and whom I have spent a lot of time with over the past 10 months has moved abroad.
    – Husband couldn’t come to see me this weekend.
    – Fear that collaps because of too many anti-HSP activities is more or less imminent.

    The good:
    – We did a few lovely farewell things together, theatre, dinner, sitting on a park bench at midnight.
    – Helper mouse activities, I love being a helper mouse, especially if I get beautiful bouquets of flowers in return!
    – Could write a bill for a little job and thanks to the 60% sales the money I got paid for 3 dresses, one pair of trousers and a tunica. Retail therapy!
    – The most touching piece of contemporary dance I have seen in a long time.

  23. Katie Hart
    Twitter: yogiconomist

    I so missed Friday this week. Literally missed it.

    The Hard:
    -packing, errands, loose ends
    -always forgetting something
    -planes, trains and automobiles for 20 hours and my luggage has still not arrived

    The Good:
    -tons of yoga
    -lovely weather

    Cheers to the Chickeneers.
    Katie Hart recently posted… Learning in Context

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