Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

Stuff worth reading.

Item! Post No. 61-ish in an occasional on-and-off series that comes and goes and is sometimes on a Wednesday.

Item! How to get a truck driver to trust you.

Every time my friend Kelly from Copylicious (yes, the one who bullied me into starting this blog once upon a time) writes a post, I decide it’s my absolute favorite post in the entire world.

But they just keep getting better

This one about how to get a truck driver to trust you is brilliant. For so many reasons.

Read between the delicious lines and learn.

But then this: the 34 stages of editorial enlightenment.

She reads my brain.

She’s @copylicious on Twitter.

Item! These are beautiful

Daily photographs from Walter Hawn.

I really liked:

A moonlit night.

And the cook’s station.

And you can buy prints, which I think is lovely.

Walter is a stand up guy. And he’s @WalterHawn on Twitter.

Item! All universal truths sound stupid because they’re not supposed to be heard with your ears.

Wise, wise words from Frank.

If you’re a Shivanaut, you’ll hugely appreciate everything he has to say.

And if you’re not a Shivanaut yet, please read this.

All universal truths sound stupid because they’re not supposed to be heard with your ears.

“Then things can shift and change because you’re dealing with what’s real for you, instead of trying to filter your reality through someone else’s words.”

He’s @elimossinary on Twitter.

Item! Speaking of.

Erin, another lovely Shivanaut from Australia, passed this one on to me with the hysterical comment “and Shivanauts say ‘duh’ to this revealing scientific research”.

An article from the Boston globe, suggesting that we think with our bodies.

Uh huh.

“The term most often used to describe this new model of mind is ’embodied cognition,’ and its champions believe it will open up entire new avenues for understanding — and enhancing — the abilities of the human mind.”

The applications are way more interesting than anything they come up with in the article, but it’s a place to start.

She’s @erinibbertson on Twitter.

Item! I am Eloise. I am twenty-three.

Got to this via Colleen, of course.

Eloise, all grown up. And working as an intern.

Genius. Thanks, McSweeney’s. Thanks, Sarah Geller. Love it.

“THINGS I AM AFRAID OF: Girls who don’t wear pants, Graydon Carter, the eight-feet tall models who moonlight at Vogue, the cafeteria, everyone in gladiator heels, my boss, the guys in the mail room who don’t respond to my flirting, the bipolar blog editor, everything.”

Item! A sweet post

This bit from Jacquelyn about how abundance works better than fencing is about Facebook contests.

But it’s also about gardening and about business and imagination.

I really like Jacquelyn.

She’s @jacquelynkitt on Twitter.

Item! More monster conversations.

In which Maryann talks down her procrastination monsters in a wonderfully down-to-earth way.

Monster: It’s all the same?

Me. Yes.

Monster. Hmm.

She’s @maryanndevine on Twitter.

Item! I have a crush on Ugly Gerbil

I love everything about this Etsy shop but ohmygod the copy.

It’s so great.

Not only do I want to buy every single one of his charmingly nutty monsters but I want to read every description. This is Chad the Tweedle Bug.

“Chad the amigurumi Tweedle Bug saw what you did there, and he is shocked. SHOCKED I tells ya!

Now fer the love of jeezlepete, step away from the mayonnaise.

He’s got three rows of noodly pincer arms, but he’s much too shocked to do any serious pinching. His mismatched pop-eyes are an astonished shade of deep blue.

I thank you for looking, but Chad can only stare in mute astonishment.”


Item! Comments! Here’s what I want this time:

  • Things you’re thinking about.
  • A name for a game. It involves patchwork quilts, crowns, iguanas, chickens, points that matter, points that don’t matter and silliness. The name does not have to be related to any of these. Thanks!

My commitment.

I am committed to giving time and thought to the things that people say. Even though asking for what I want still feels awkward for me, I’m just going to remind myself that this is a thing I’m practicing.

That is all.

Happy reading.

And happy Blustery Windsday. See you tomorrow.

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