Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

This is extremely exciting to announce:

I’m on my Extremely Intentional For Once Not An Emergency Having A Breakdown Vacation.

Starting oh, right about now. Well, in a couple of hours. It’s lovely. Thank you.

So I thought for this week’s Item!-izing, we’d look at some useful posts where people use my Metaphor Mouse magic to work on destuckifying things.

Metaphor Mouse power ACTIVATE!

Or something.

Item! Post No. 57 in a sometimes weekly series that has probably outworn its welcome but I really like saying Item!

Item! Metaphor Mouse turns to-dos into Missions!

Our brilliant Lucy has found a way to get stuff done by becoming a grand adventurer.

It’s especially inspiring because this one small change-of-word has allowed her to, as she put it, cast herself as the hero of her own story.

This is a sweet, thoughtful post that manages, between the lines, to say a lot of useful things about mindfulness, self-care and having a non-cheesy conscious relationship with yourself.

“I don’t get along with to-do lists, so instead of to-do lists, I’m giving myself missions.

To give you an idea of how thrilling the missions are, Mission One was to get dressed, eat breakfast, and decide what Mission Two would be.

They’re not designed to be big, overwhelming missions. They’re designed to be little, doable missions.

I’m on Mission Six now, and this part of the mission says “eat lunch and write a blog post”. I’m allowing myself an hour to write the blog post, and then I’m going to put it up, even if it’s crap.”

I love this!

Lucy is @lucyviret on Twitter.

Item! Metaphor Mouse turns writing into baking!

Tara uses my Metaphor Mouse formula to take on the dreaded Writing of Sales Pages.

And transforms the stuck into something she loves.

This post made me want to dance around the kitchen!

“What happens when there aren’t any expectations of what I *should* be doing? What does that look like?

That feels like I’m dancing around in my kitchen, as an adult (ie, not a kid doing homework), putting my favorite ingredients together, confident in my skill.


When sales page = homework:
I feel:
like a kid
worried of getting in trouble
trying to please…the big kids? the experts?

When sales page = my baking:
I feel:
like an adult
responsible to myself
I want to share all the tasty goodness!”


She’s @blondechicken on Twitter.

Item! Metaphor Mouse turns “coaching” into something way better.

Emily, who clearly has some of the same issues with the word “coaching” as I do, despite um, being one but calling it something else.

She wrote a lovely — and very funny — post called Find your inner what? Who wants to remind themselves of a smelly gym?

Notice how she uses both the epiphany-generating magic of Shiva Nata, the power of journaling and the metaphor technique all together.

And notice how she’s able to completely detach from the “coach as sweaty guy with whistle” programming and to substitute something smart and magical instead.

“The inner curator knows about all my various collections: my thoughts, my ambitions, my secret dreams, my feelings.

And more than this, she understands the environment. If she notices some dry rot creeping into the textiles, she knows she needs to adjust the controls.

She can guide me to the parts of myself I need to be focusing on, and when I see a collection that I want to delve into in a deeper way, she can take me to the collections that are not on public display.

She also knows what might be missing from the collection…those things we should work to acquire to make our collection more complete. She knows our strengths and our weaknesses.”

Oh, and then read her next post to see how having that Inner Curator frees up her creativity all week. Wow.

She’s @emilyroots on Twitter.

Item! Comments! Here’s what I want this time:

  • Things you’re thinking about.
  • Things you think you’d like to metaphor-ize but haven’t gotten around to playing with yet.

That is all.

Happy reading.

And happy Blustery Windsday. But a balmy one for Claire!