Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

I know I promised goofiness yesterday, but …. yeah, sorry.

No goofiness.

Tired and cranky. I’ll tell you about it later.

But hey, lots of great stuff to read! Happy Wednesday.

Item! Post No. 9 in a series that I love even though it continues to not really have a clear purpose or function.

Item! I am a sensitive flower!

I was reading this post by Kate about Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome … and was so fascinated/shaken up by it that it was only at the end that is sunk in how weird it is that my blog had inspired her to write it.

Part of me wishes I’d never heard of SSSS (which, I must say, seems a very inappropriate name for it).

Part of me wishes desperately that I’d known about it as a kid.

I have memories of my mother chastising me for being too noisy while eating apples or for swallowing too loudly.

And just wanting to disappear and never be noticed again. Hello, pattern!

When all along it was probably her own hypersensitivity and had nothing to do with me at all. Realizing this totally made me want to cry.

But it was also a really useful thing to have read.

Item! Noise!

Speaking of sensitivity, another useful and thought-provoking post about noise and what it does to us. This one from brand-new Shivanaut Joan Spear.

Also, note the picture with the sweetest little boy in the entire world. Seriously. I look at that picture and just want to schnuggle that kid and cover him in kisses.

Item! This is one of the most profound posts about the self-work process that I’ve ever read!

Diane confronts her demon, recognizes that it’s not actually a demon, still doesn’t like it and puts it under a tree, and bravely documents the whole process for us.

A beautifully written piece that everyone should read.

Item! Having someone believe in you is (yes, still) incredibly powerful!

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few weeks. Specifically with regard to my complicated relationship with writing, but also in a much larger sense.

And even posted about it and made a declaration to you.

This is an astoundingly moving story from Emma that demonstrates this principle wonderfully. It made me cry. But in a good way.

I’ve read this post six times. Seriously. Read it.

Item! Would you like to read a story about a building? Because I think you should.

This piece from Ulla Hennig (Old and new — a story from Berlin) is just lovely.

I’ve never liked Potsdamer Platz … too lonely for me. A lot of Berlin is pretty haunted and there are parts where I simply cannot go without falling apart. It was so sweet to have the building’s perspective on this one.

Also, this is kind of off-topic but I find that most of the buildings in Berlin are especially chatty. They’re constantly telling me stories. Some are better stories than others, of course.

This one is a good one!

Item! This is sad! But there is also comfort in it.

This post by Black Hockey Jesus about seasons and writing and loss just blew me away.

I like all his stuff but this one struck me as especially poignant and especially important, somehow.

Item! You should read this (hilarious) book! Plus I have an extra copy!

If you hang out here much, you probably know Johnny B. Truant, writer of the blog The Economy Isn’t Happening, who hangs out here in the comments and says weird and witty things.

If you hang out on Twitter (and really, why aren’t you there so I can buy you a drink?), then you also know that I am quite enamored of his fantastically zany blog which is one of my favorite things to read.

Anyway, he put out a book called *May Contain Nuts, which is highly entertaining and generally wonderful.

And because he’s my obsessive stalker exceptionally thorough, he sent me two copies.

One of them you can’t have! Mine! Mine!

Sorry, got distracted. But the other copy of his marvelous book? I’ll happily send it to one of you lovely people.

Say something in the comments about how much you adore Johnny B., and I’ll make Marissa choose someone to send it too, because I’m the worst person to work for in the entire world.

Or I could draw from a hat. Assuming I can find one that I’m not actually wearing at the moment.

That is all.

Apologies for the lack of goofy. Hope you got as much good stuff out of the links as I did.

Our fairly normal posting schedule will continue. At least until next Wednesday. Because who knows what can happen on a Wednesday.

Selma and I will be back to our usual stuff tomorrow. And may even have slept, which (I hear) does wonders for everything.