very personal adsPersonal ads. They’re … personal! Very.

Each week I write these Visions of Possibility and Anticipation to practice asking for what I want. And to get clarity on what that really is, even when asking feels conflicted.

I always get useful information about my relationship with various aspects of the ask. Join in if you like!

Thing 1: An actual home for the Wishing Hour.

Here’s what I want:

Last week I wanted a Wishing Hour, in which to wish all the wishes.

And I wished various wishes this week, but the practice didn’t have a home. It didn’t have a time of day where it wanted to live, or walls that defined it in any way.

Partly, maybe, because I was sick. So I wasn’t doing any of the things it might normally attach to. Huh. I guess I have been thinking of its home as a lean-to.

So. I think this needs to become a morning thing or an evening thing. And if a morning thing, then waking up earlier.

Anyway, I am going to investigate this.

Ways this might work:

Tomorrow at Beach Day. I can interview Harmony to find out what she knows.

Maybe the Wishing Hour isn’t the thing at all, maybe it’s just some aspect of having dedicated time and space for being with the vision.

Oh. Of course. I just figured something out.

I’m playing with…

Being curious and playful.

Investigating what I know and what I don’t know yet.

Thing 2: Staying true to the vision.

Here’s what I want:

I just realized that the Wishing Hour needs to fit in with the vision of the Humming Castle (which I may or may not have told you about?).

And that what I really need is more time with the vision so that I can stay true to the vision. Actively.

What is needed is time to be with the vision. And then the wishing can emerge from that.

Interesting. I may not be explaining this very clearly but I am excited.

Ways this might work:

Maybe some time in the next couple weeks I will tell you guys about the vision. That would be kind of crazy. But kind of great.

Maybe Wednesday is a good day for vision days since that’s the day I talk to my mentor, and we think about the vision a lot anyway.


I’m playing with…

Napping. Getting close to the ground. Conducting! All day, every day. Remembering truth.

Thing 3: A swift loving resolution to a preposterous and tragic misunderstanding.

Here’s what I want:

Someone is having a giant misunderstanding about me right now and this misunderstanding is leading them to react with a lot of anger and hurt. And to make bizarre demands.

I want to be able to meet this person’s hurt with presence and love, without going into my stuff or into their stuff.

And I want a swift, ease-filled, loving resolution.

Ways this might work:

I don’t know.

I will do yoga on it. I will do shiva nata on it. I will work on the part of this that is my stuff.

I am asking and hoping that this person will sit with their fear and pain, and recognize the truth: that it has nothing to do with me. It is distortions and more distortions.

I am asking and hoping that this person will remember my good heart, and recognize that this is all a misunderstanding.

And I will try to stay grounded, patient, compassionate and curious, no matter how this goes.

I’m playing with…

Trust. Prayer. Whatever works.

One more thing! In my experience, things like this that feel like the-worst-thing-ever at the time that they happen generally (weirdly!) turn out to be the best thing ever in retrospect.

So, without any forced appreciation because that would be violent and self-destructive, I would like to imagine that I already know that this is the best thing ever. And then be curious about how and why.

Thing 4: Thursdays.

Here’s what I want:

So. This is hilarious. Sort of.

I have been investigating my relationship with Fridays, and letting Friday be my Puttering Day.

And it turns out (because, as Andrey says, morning begins at night, and as I say, you exit in order to enter) that the place that is stuck is Thursdays.

In order for Friday to be a puttering day, Thursday needs to be a getting-things-ready day.

This has stirred up all kinds of ludicrous but useful internal turmoil.

So. I don’t have to solve the Thursday thing. I just want to investigate: what would, ideally, happen on Thursdays (it doesn’t need to happen yet!) in order for Fridays to function the way I need them to?

Ways this might work:

My guess is this one is going to require lots and lots of monster negotiations.

I’m playing with…

Using the coloring book.

Maybe a proxy. This feels really raw for some reason. Something about my relationship with time has a lot of pain and guilt in it. So maybe there is a way I can back off and make this a little more light-hearted. I will experiment.

Thing 5: Shortening the Embarking Anthology.

Here’s what I want:

We’re about to let some more people into Stompopolis (yes, we’re very secretive!).

And there is an Embarking Anthology that people get when they come to their first Pop-in.

It needs to be shorter. By a lot.

This is the week of revisions.

I need help with this. I need it to be fun. I need steady, firm, non-shaky support.

Ways this might work:

Maybe Danielle or Marisa can sit with me while I do it.

I’m playing with…

Hmm. Maybe some secret agent code.

And taking it to a cafe.

Maybe some fractal flowers. Maybe while I’m doing one thing, this will become easier. Or maybe doing this will make everything else easier. Or both. That’s what I’d like.

Progress report on past Very Personal Ads.

Just to update you on what’s happened since last time.

Let’s see, I asked for a playful Wishing Hour, and for it not to be a chore. Still committed to that. Not a chore! And I got a lot of useful information about next steps.

And I wanted to play with Fridays, and oh boy. We have been playing. I’m learning a lot about the stuck parts, and I’m also learning a lot about what I want. Useful!

I wanted to ask: Is this indicated?

And I did. All week long.

Then I asked for recommendations for list apps, and thank you! Lots of ideas. Still testing.

And I wanted new structures for work, which sort of happened and sort of didn’t, because I was sick all week. But I played with working for fourteen minutes and then calling someone to check in, and that was fun. Will keep experimenting.

Playful playing. Shelter for the comments.

What’s welcome: Your own wishes, gwishes, visions and personal ads, small or large. Updates on past ones if you like.

Here or on your own or in your head. It’s all fine. Or call silent retreat!

I’m receptive to warm wishes for the things I’m working on and playing with.

If you’re looking for suggestions or heart-sighs or anything else related to your wish, you will need to ask for that because our default mode is giving each other space and spaciousness for the process.

This is a place of safety for creative play and exploration, with a very non-dogmatic approach. We don’t tell each other how to ask for things and we don’t give unsolicited advice. We make space for people’s wishes.

That’s it. Let’s throw a bunch of things in the pot!

As always, amnesty applies. Leave a wish here any time you want.