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We dissolve stuck and rewrite patterns. We apply radical playfulness to life (when we feel like it!), embarking on internal adventures (credo of Safety First). We have a fake band called Solved By Cake. We build invisible sanctuaries, invent words and worlds, breathe awe and wonder.

We are not impressed by monsters. Except when we are. We explore the connections between internal territories and surrounding environment to learn what marvelously supportive delicious space feels like, and how to take exquisite care of ourselves. We transform things.* We glow wild.**

* For example: Desire, fear, worry, pain-and-trauma, boundaries, that problematic word which rhymes with flaweductivity.

** Fair warning: Self-fluency has been known to lead to extremely subversive behavior, including treasuring yourself unconditionally, unapologetically taking up space, experiencing outrageously improbable levels of self-acceptance, and general rejoicing in aliveness.


Ready to reflect (more)

Door of Reflection


Reflecting is a luscious word, I am so glad that this is the name which asked to come in for this month, and oh good god this breathtaking image, I could reflect on it for days.

I hadn’t realized, until I began exploring Reflection (and reflecting on it!) this week, just how much it holds for me as a word and quality, how much space is there in the light.

And one particular aspect of reflecting that I am learning about is related to the ability to reveal gems — speaking of things that shine in light — in past experience, while maintaining steady clarity, not getting tangled up in the past.

I am not sure how to name this superpower yet, so for now let’s call it looking back without looking back.

For example, I can reflect on the treasure I received from January, and allow the quality of Reflection to amplify it, while also glowing the superpowers that live in a favorite Bob Dylan song, currently on repeat, the anthem of this month, “she’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back…”

Reflecting on the month of Prowess.

I learned-observed-noticed so many things over the course of January aka the month of Prowess.

Some of these are more specifically related to qualities of Prowess or my relationship with Prowess, some are more general observations, but of course it is all intertwined, because naming the month is a frame.

We called in Prowess, which is such a powerful thing to ask for, and so of course this changes what we notice and how we notice it.

Some observations…

  1. There is so much left for me to learn about presence and grace, about power and standing in mine. About BUFFER PHRASES and BOUNDARIES, and expecting to be respected, and not putting up with unsovereign shit. Like, I seriously just devoted an entire month to studying those things in depth, and the main thing I discovered is that I am barely scratching the surface of what I need to know, that I am only beginning to get a sense of what (and how) I need to glow. More work to be done here.
  2. But yes I am ready to glow more, to be Tough and Wild, Fierce and Fearless, Present and Powerful, fully embodied, a living-out of panther sleekness and panther grace, and, when necessary, striking panther fury.
  3. Man, reading the news is straight up jet fuel for a breakdown. For me. And yet, I am convinced that I cannot afford to not know and to not act. I mean, standing up to incoming totalitarianism asks us to stay aware, to put it mildly. Figuring out the right proportions for me of REVOLUTION, PROTEST AND RESISTANCE, with Taking Exquisite Care of my Highly Sensitive/Witchy/Empathic Self, and making sure my light stays on. Yes to staying Awake and Aware, conscious, alert, present. And: a breakdown from too much distressing input doesn’t support the cause.
  4. I love pistachios with a passion and intensity that is deep and abiding, and I love pistachio ice cream even more, my god, PISTACHIOS, do you know what I mean? And yet I forget this truth so easily, I forget about the very existence of pistachios, sometimes for months at a time. What else is like pistachios? I feel very strongly that this is definitely about pistachios, but also I feel so strongly that I’m pretty sure this also has to be a proxy too.
  5. Nothing is more important for me than keeping up oxytocin, how did I not know that. And during the many days of Snowed In (and other forms of Remain Indoors related to freezing rain, freezing fog, impassable streets etc) in Portland last month, I learned that I absolutely lose my mind when I am not getting regular hugs. This vital piece of intel helped me glow retroactive clarity and compassion towards past-me — ahhh everything she did was a very legitimate response to not getting enough touch to thrive. Right now experiencing something like an achingly painful hug deficiency that I didn’t know about, and wanting so badly to play catch-up, except I am currently in rural Utah surrounded by retired Mormons (EDITED to note that they probably would be happy to hug me if I asked them, but I am not there yet) and I don’t how to go about this, but I will reflect.
  6. I am ready to learn more about Traveling Light.
  7. Prowess supports the Uprising. The rigged game bullshit of daily life does not. Prowess practice is therefore important all the time, in every tiny way possible.
  8. Getting a couple centimeters taller is very good for Prowess. Stretching helps me remember to stand tall and use the ground.

Reflecting superpowers (double meaning).

Today is Groundhog Day, a favorite day, because it comes with all the superpowers of Do-Overs Forever and Everything Twice, and Multiplication of Whatever You Like (I Choose Joy).

I am obsessing over superpowers right now, because I am currently hard at work on a writing project that focuses on them, and it is almost impossible to convey how weirdly magical they are, so much more so than they should be.

Naming is invoking, and invoking is inviting, and inviting is priming yourself to observe, and observation leads to learning, and learning leads to embodying.

But it is somehow more elusive and mystical and indescribable than that.

Anyway, superpowers, and naming them! They get me out of bed in the morning, and sometimes they are the only thing that works, for that, or for anything.

Calling on the powers I wish to reflect and reflect on…

Today — and for the month of Reflecting and beyond — I am borrowing three especially marvelous superpowers from a Rally friend:

  • I Can Start and Successfully Complete Even Complicated Projects
  • Magical Space Clearing
  • I Am Not Intimidated by Fear and Shame Monsters

And I am adding to these. No, I am multiplying these with others that come up as important right now:


Yes, time to let superpowers multiply with each other, and watch as they produce entirely new superpowers that I haven’t even dreamed up yet. Fractal flower multiplication, under the surface.

Fiery Reflections.

My word for this year is FIERY, which actually started out as a joke. I am turning forty next month, which has been making me a little….edgy?

I mean, at noon today I was lolling around in a flimsy leopard-print housecoat, eating ice cream (yes, pistachio ice cream, with extra pistachios in it) for breakfast, in a broken down motorhome parked in an RV park in southern Utah, all of which is proof, according to my monsters that I have achieved peak You Have Disappointed Your Mother And Dashed All Her Hopes And Dreams and Squandered Your Potential You Are Turning Forty And You Have Nothing To Show For It.

But when I call it Turning Fiery instead of turning forty, and send the monsters off to play, then I am ready-ready-ready to be fiery, I am ready for my fiery years, I am ready to embody this wild heat, to be my own light source.


Fiery is an unusual choice for me, I tend to want to invoke calming peaceful things, horizon and perspective, a sky full of stars.

I like to get quieter, listen more, rest and pause until I know what is next. I like water and flow, fluidity and fluency, big sky, open landscapes, long naps. Contemplation and turning inward.

But hey, it’s time for a Revolution, not only out in the world but also in the kingdom of my life, and revolution is a word which also means turning, and I am just now understanding that the turning part is actually key element in Operation Turning Fiery.

I am flashing on an image of a blacksmith turning something over a fire. Turning is becoming, and turning is roundness, and turning is process.

Turning and burning. Let’s light it up.

What do I know about Fiery.

It holds so many marvelous qualities, so many categories of qualities.

Fiery is related to Prowess and being in my power: Fierce & Fearless, Passionate Intensity, Wild Aliveness, Powerful Presence.

There is also the Fiery of the revolution: the Resistance is fueled by this, we are fired up, ready to take to the streets and the airports, to bear witness.

There is my Fiery troublemaker alter-ego who loves adventure and celebrates her independence, off on her motorcycle, working on her pole-dancing tricks. She treasures herself. She is unapologetically sexy. She glows for miles and leaves a trail of sparks in her wake.

Also Fiery like concentrated shiva power: create and destroy, create and destroy, the fires of Reinvention and Intention and Undoing.

There is Fiery like Ignited, the fire of Focused Determination and Going After It, with Clarity and Excitement, Following the Creative Sparks, fired up like the way I feel about my projects at Rally when they are so excited to play with me.

And there is fiery as in tending to my own flames, being in sensual sleek wild desire states. My panther self.

There is the fiery of clarity about letting go, and the fires of adventure, there are the fires of hearth and home and being at home in myself, a fire of where I belong.

Fiery and Reflection

At first I thought maybe Fiery might not fit well with this month, a funny word to come in so powerfully at the door of the month of Reflection, because reflecting is, for me, a quality that invites quiet contemplation.

But fire is also very meditative, it draws you in to its patterns.

And reflecting is also about light, there is beautiful play of light and shadow when you come towards the flames, and yes, whatever I need to see will be reflected in the light.

I can reflect whatever I want, and right now what I want to reflect, embody and glow is the flame-spark of the revolution, both in the more quiet and steady sense of my desire to provide sustainable tools for the resistance, but also yes, I am ready to carry a torch and I am ready to burn shit down, I am ready to rise up and make noise and be a part of this powerful movement towards light.

Let’s move towards light, let’s reflect truth, let’s be a force to be reckoned with.

And let’s also rest up and gather strength, tend to the fires that need tending, make sure we never come close to burning out.

Reflecting on reflecting on Reflecting.

What are my wishes for this month of Reflecting and beyond? What can I learn here?

I want to stay commmitted to Prowess, and to space, being selective about my view, what I let in, what I choose as my surroundings, how I interact with perspective.

Incoming me is a passionate believer in tabula rasa and in many different forms of emptying out, that is a clue too.

I want the superpowers of Standing Tall, I want an outrageous abundance of available hugs (and other forms of sweetness and connection), and to trust that I have the right tools for the job.

I want to trust that self-fluency is FUELING THE RESISTANCE, and to take strong powerful striding striking steps in that direction. I want calm, steady conviction and easy clarity.

I want to observe myself with great love. And I want to call in all the superpowers I need and watch them multiply in the light of my flame.

And I want to feel ready to be Fiery, ready to be Her Fieriness, Her Sleekness, Her Wildness, ready to light it up.

May it all be so, or something even better, amen.


I still haven’t updated the shop which means you still have a chance to get some or all of the amazing ebooks from the new year sale in the gift shop though not for long. I especially recommend the Illumination of Qualities if you want to work on Prowess and force-field strengthening — I find that reading the beautiful words and qualities helps me connect with them and remember them throughout my day. Glowing love and appreciation your way, thank you for being a part of this with me in whatever way you can.

Invitation: come play with me…

You are invited to share this post and to share many !!!!!! about what is here,

Or share appreciation or anything sparked for you while reading…

You can also share how things have been going, check in, or deposit wishes, gwishes, superpowers, qualities, ingredients, possibly in code.

Safe space for creative exploration asks us to let go of care-taking and advice-giving.

Everyone belongs. We let people have their own experience. We’re supportive and welcoming. We lovingly refrain from giving advice.

And of course it’s always okay to comment under a made-up name, whether for play and delight, or in the interest of Safety First.

Wishes and checking-in are never late because whenever you wish is the right time for wishing.

We remember that people vary and my process doesn’t have to be yours, and this is a good thing.

Here’s how we meet each other: with great kindness and appreciation and awe, whispering (and sometimes shouting) oh, wow what beautiful wishes!

46 Responses to Ready to reflect (more)

  1. […] Quality for February is Reflection, which is very much in harmony with my feelings about this […]

  2. Kathleen Avins
    Twitter: spiralsongkat

    This is such a beautiful post. <3

    Much for me to reflect upon here! I'll be back…

  3. Rupa
    Twitter: theyogaofliving

    Amen ((o)) <~ both a pebble and a hug.

  4. Sue T says:

    Hmmmm <3 for these observations and reflections


    In Chinese medicine there are five metaphorical elements/seasons/colors (with many other correspondences)

    water/winter/blue, indigo, or black
    earth/late summer/yellow
    metal/autumn/white (or pale gray or silver)

    The seasons are of course those in the northern hemisphere, as China

    I am intrigued again by the idea of February, in winter, as the month of Reflecting

    Incoming Light

    Plus: Fiery, as in summer fire, the season of love and joy

    Love in Winter

    Fiery is not my word this year but I have been there

    It certainly fits the world's turning since last November

    Actually, all seasons are here right now in this creative space

    Blue and red … the current colors of the body politic, winter and summer, being at home and being in the world, comfy pajamas and sexy tall red boots

    White and yellow reflections around the beautiful door into February … late summer and fall, the elements of earth (nurturing, harvest) and metal (sorting, discernment)

    Green is hidden, as you would expect in winter, but
    Wood will soon enough be growing through cracks and into the sky
    Wood will soon enough be expanding into spring which is coming
    Wood for organizing and planning and preparing for the flowering of fire which follows

    I usually think of January as the turning month
    The month where the new year begins
    But January is also the time of the deepest sleep, in the depths of the pond, in the depths of the soil
    The month of building prowess by withdrawing
    The month wherein power consolidates and anticipates

    Maybe February is the turning
    Even though here we might expect possible blizzards
    Underneath, the sleeper is dreaming of light and the spring
    Underneath, the seed leaves are swelling
    Underneath, fire returns to the memory
    Underneath, the harvest becomes visible, half a year in the future
    Underneath, the far fall is heard as a whisper

    Expanding these fractal superpowers

    – Again I Can Start and Complete These Seasons
    – Magical (Creative) Space Supports Me
    – Monsters Join Me in Serving Shiva, Creator and Destroyer of Worlds

    Thank you, February
    Thank you, Havi
    Thank you, Monsters

  5. VickiB says:

    Havi, thank you for the word fortitude. In this year of Moxie, the words show up when I need them. January was the month of mettle. February is the month of fortitude.

    Thank you for this exploration of reflection and fiery. There is much to think about here and much to play with. I shall light the fireplace or a candle…

    • Havi Brooks
      Twitter: havi

      Year of Moxie! Mettle and Fortitude! These are amazing powerful words, and I love the superpower of the words showing up as needed. Wishing you everything you need for the moxie ops, may it be so.

  6. Puck says:

    So many of the Qualities and Superpowers you are calling in mirror (ha!) the Qualities and Superpowers I am craving. I love the reminder that Fire is both creative/destructive/revolution AND also the quiet fires of hearth and home. I have been having trouble finding balance and so my big wish for the month of Reflecting is for Balance between doing and not-doing, burning hot without burning out. May this or something better come to me and to us all, and may it be for good. <3

  7. Havi Brooks
    Twitter: havi

    So many things I wanted to mention in this post and forgot!

    Bonus clues, I suppose….

    For example, this amazing quote from Frederick Douglass, yes the same Frederick Douglass that the American president is so confused about:


    Superpower of Lighting the way into change.

    And also I forgot to mention that the superpower for this month, as named on this year’s calendar, is INSIGHT, CLARITY AND LIGHT. Yes please to those.

    And RESIST flags are available here: http://www.seattleflagmakers.com/shop-resist-flags.html

  8. Havi Brooks
    Twitter: havi


    Rachel from Fat & The Moon recently went through the intense powerful terrible experience of losing her home to a fire, and she wrote this incredible piece on instagram on the wisdom/healing that is coming through the loss, and the wish that was revealed in the embers, and the energy released from the burning, which she sees as fueling her new dream. Powerful stuff and powerful perspective, big wisdom, I am definitely not there yet with my own metaphorical burning but I am looking to this as a beacon.

    “Meditation on Pele
    I woke yesterday morning to a text message telling me my home burned down. I’ve had a whole range of surreal experiences in my life, but the magnitude of this one has no equal.
    I was surrounded by so much beauty, the quintessential tropical splendor while receiving photo after photo of my house on fire, then in ashes.
    My cat, Honey, has yet to be found, my plants are gone, my books are gone, my art, my notes from Slovenia, jewelry from my grandmother and on and on…each little thing of mine turned into a ghost.
    I’m sharing this here because I know some of you very well, my dear friends and family. Others of you I don’t know, but you follow Fat and the Moon and so I consider you community. The line between my personal life and my business are blurry. For me, herbal medicine is personal, it is real: real like a UTI is real, like ulcerative colitis is real, like childhood trauma is real. Healing is the rebalancing of suffering.
    Trauma, dis-ease, and pain are the other teachers of herbal medicine. Less sexy, less witchy, less nice to look at -but THEY are the reason we look to plants. If we don’t try to understand pain, we will never understand medicine.
    I’m sharing my teacher with all of you today. The fire turned each of my things into energy, energy that will take me to the next step. From this, I know I want to create life. I want to start a farm, the medicine that rises from the wound.
    Thank you to all of my incredible community. YOU are medicine.”


  9. Havi Brooks
    Twitter: havi

    IDEA. If I multiply FIERY with Konmari, and Rachel’s brilliant inspiring wise perspective of energy released…

    What if I go through my belongings and ask: what is so special to me that I would either REPLACE IT or MOURN IT if it disappeared or was lost to the [fires] of life. Maybe everything else can go.

  10. Joni says:

    Filled with de-light to find this post in my in box. I was wondering just the other day, where has The Fluent Self gone?

    Without fail it en-light-ens me & awakens my own playful creativity. I have to contribute my bold wish launched with love. As I read this post on reflecting and prowess I imagined inviting you to play in my playground – my podcast, Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow. I love to take deep dives in conversation with women I admire about transformation, money and stepping into sovereignty. And I never grow tired of being playful and outrageous. However, those playmates are few and far between – although my 12 year old is still a go to.

    Today I bring the Superpower of SuperFan and not afraid to own it. Thanks for Glowing and continuing to show up in my in box. I know you’re not into talking but I’m open to alternative ways to play on the podcast – if you’re up for that kind of adventure.
    Joni recently posted… The Crucible of Change

  11. Kate says:

    Fiery, the fire in the woodstove that I’ve learned how to build, how to keep lit, all this winter, to keep my home warm & safe & lit * comforting & home

    The weather here was warm all through the end of October so it wasn’t until into November that I started to learn the fiery lore of the woodstove…yeah, right about THEN.

    On a practical level the thought that I can heat my home (& cook!) without needing to depend on (or pay money to) an uncaring corporation is a delight & a reassurance in these times.

    On a more … spiritual? thoughtful? level it is light in the darkness, it is warmth in the cold, it is welcoming, it is comforting. Fire as safety, fire as life.

    I’ve learned so much.

    (Also I’ve learned that too much sawing can cause tennis elbow, except it’s cutting-wood-elbow, for which the cure, thankfully, is Stop That For A While.)
    Kate recently posted… exquisite self-care

  12. Kathleen Jowitt
    Twitter: KathleenJowitt

    Hello, February! Hello, spring!

    [snowdrops] [hazel catkins] [primavera]

    I am wondering whether the whole of the last seven years was in fact training in how to be an [activist] while also being me, and learning how not to keep running headlong into the wall…

    I am recovering from the month of illness that was January.

    I like being me. I notice how much more fun it is since I turned thirty and stopped giving a flying fuck about what other people thought of me.

    I notice that I am completely uninterested in self-improvement in any way, shape or form. No, that’s not true. I am glad to be recovering and I am interested in building up my physical strength and stamina so that I can walk a pilgrimage in a few months, but I am not trying to change the inside of my head. Reading matter, for example: I am not interested in Ought To and Should; I am reading what monsters call silly things, frivolous things. Writing, too, alternating between things monsters call Worthwhile and things they call a Waste of Time and enjoying all of it.

    The experiment of living by love and not by guilt continues. There are hearts everywhere. Even in the pictures I’m going through for work, someone has a heart on her jumper. Yesterday in church I received a plastic heart in a paper bag. On Friday I bought a rather lovely metal one on a ribbon. I’m not sure that I have enough love to run on love, but the universe runs on love so it ought to be there somewhere, if only I can tap into it. It all requires Big Trust. I’d like to have Big Trust this February, please.
    Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… The first year

    • Havi Brooks
      Twitter: havi

      Mmmmmm so much treasure in here! Here’s to Big Trust! And for sure it all runs on love. <3 <3 <3

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt

      Saturday chicken

      The hard:
      – shenanigans resulting in my having to go into work in the middle of what should have been a week’s leave
      – a lesson in sucking eggs from my own granddaughter
      – round 3 of the virus mostly manifesting in the world’s most annoying cough (triggers: snow; phrases longer than a bar; laughter; awkwardness)

      The good:
      – snow is pretty, and not settling so not inconvenient
      – serious red-penning; the thing is actually OK, and will be better
      – hot bath
      – some lovely comments

      What worked:
      – a day at a time
      – outsourcing all my neuroses to fictional characters

      – Mass in Blue, Agnus Dei (phwooooarrrr)

      Chick chick chicken out
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… We’ll turn it around

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt


      Belonging. Aliveness. Content and content.

      To see the treasure in the thing that’s annoying me.

      To care. To love. To trust.

      Filling the well.
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… 100 untimed books: missing

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt


      The hard:
      – not having the house to myself when I thought I was going to
      – complicated feelings about Synod that didn’t seem to match up with anybody else’s feelings
      – finding it difficult to breathe in London air

      The good:
      – I am really enjoying being into a new thing, and not knowing everything about it, and having lots of things to investigate
      – I like my hair at the moment. It’s worked out very well.
      – longer walks.

      – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
      – holidays (holy days!)

      Cluck cluck cluck
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… Good news

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt


      Big Trust, I wrote. Yes, please. I think it’s coming in, but I’d like more.

      Grace, Skill and Strength, I wrote. Yes, please. And Marvellously Unflappable.


      I think this week I’d like to be a seeker of treasure.
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… Good news

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt


      The hard:
      – Storm Doris and her travel chaos
      – Away Day of Constant Talking
      – seem to have forgotten how to sightread

      The good:
      – wonderful hospitable in-laws
      – sharing the airbed with the cat
      – people enjoying things I’d made
      – music!!!
      – sermon on mysticism and visions and many wonderful things

      What worked:
      – stopping for something to eat
      – walking
      – headphones on
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… The patchwork analogy

    • Kathleen Jowitt
      Twitter: KathleenJowitt


      – Congruence! Red Pen Me and Black Pen Me have a hot sexy affair. Bringing my thoughts and K’s thoughts into a meltingly gorgeous combination.
      – Filling in the gaps, may it be easy and flowing.
      – the other sort of wheels, let me see who is the best person to ask. Hurrah for there already being possibilities!
      – time and space. I’m feeling quite depleted, and see no prospect of a day to myself until Sunday at least. Wishing for light to get in through the cracks.
      – I’m really interested to see what Lent looks like when I’m not running on guilt. Having said that, I don’t feel at all prepared for it. What do I want? To go in with joyful anticipation, to be serious and to take notice. I have two books that I could use. Poetry, or the Messiah? Let’s see how I feel on Wednesday.
      Kathleen Jowitt recently posted… The patchwork analogy

  13. This weekend I had the rather disconcerting feeling of vocally thanking past me for something. And I realized immediately afterwards that maybe – just maybe – these years of reading Havi are starting to sink in and change me, even just a little.

    Thank you, past me, for reading Havi.

    Thank you, Havi, for sharing your thoughts with the world.

  14. Leni says:

    So much beauty here!

    I loved the month of Prowess, and worked on Foundation, and even stretched a bit. I uncovered a lot more strength and Still Quiet Presence, I pushed myself in different ways, I even co-founded a dance troupe. Amazing new things. I also re-discovered the power of True No, as things that “would be fun but are a real stretch and maybe not quite practical” revealed themselves, gently and without same or rancor, and I was able to let them go with grace.

    This month, in my [Hogwarts] classes, we are working on Mirror work (reflecting!) and Moon on Ice (reflecting, calm steady presence]. I love that door! I love when all my [fluency] training mirrors and refers back itself.

    SuperPowers from January:
    -January is the month of the Clean Slate, the reset, that cold dark Cardinal Earth energy of provisioning, frugality, first priciples, and stillness.
    -I do not wait to swing in my own Swing
    -Doing by doing
    -have a refreshing cup of tea
    -when in doubt, rest
    -I know what to do next

    some of the hard:
    -well my husband is back in the hospital, with all that worry and expense, and extra exhaustion for me
    -which led to me having tachycardia last week. Oh jesus, fucking dire. I am stressed but my body is saying loud and clear: FILL THE WELL
    -both daughters have so much anxiety and anger about this and other things
    -and when I get home I am kinda too tired to be very present
    -thanks to Operation Ejector Seat, which has calmed down to Operation Escape hatch, I have been in a frenzy and unsure which direction to go. I hate spinning my wheels and spitting gravel.
    -this has impeded my progress on getting out of credit card debt ASAP
    -this has not helped my arting. Last weekend, I just got so inspired, pulled out supplies and got busy. Of course, my visits to the hospital and my attempts to keep my job have thwarted me in doing more art. I was home last nite and still too tired to make art. HATE THAT

    but there has been sparkle to go with all this stress:
    -my husband is better, he was really worrying me and now he is better
    -Plan B for Operation Escape Hatch have come to the fore
    -decluttering has stepped up. ewven my FIL is helping.
    -not having to let go of Pcon
    -founding a dance troupe!
    -lots of writing and art!
    -sleeping well
    -progress on Hogwarts skills.

  15. Claire P
    Twitter: making_space

    Oh my god, it’s been ages since I’ve been here, hello hello!

    Fiery reflections sounds witchy and wild and awesome, I love it

    And the vision of you lolling around in a flimsy leopard-print housecoat, eating pistachio ice cream with extra pistachiosfor breakfast, in a broken down motorhome parked in an RV park in southern Utah is FUCKING BRILLIANT!! I LOOOOOVE IT!! Oh my god, WHERE ELSE?? How else?? Not only are you a home owning, business owning, in-good-standing-with-the-community good citizen adult, you are also a wild eccentric adventuress artist who is FABULOUS and DECIDEDLY.NOT.BORING.

    I raise my glass to the brilliance of YOU, and the spark-ling fiery reflections that shine out into the world! You are strange and wonderful and I glow love and appreciation to your shiny you-ness <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxooo

  16. Havi Brooks
    Twitter: havi


    Currently conducting Investigations into possible mysteries related to the following…

    Operation Setting/Settings and Change Your State (Change Your State and Change Your Settings?)
    Operation No More Hustling /Paths To Jubilation (the ongoing Sustainability Mysteries)
    Operation Skooby Do (what happens when I do the thing I have wanted to forever)

    Calling on the Superpowers of:
    I Actually Love Mysteries
    Everything Gets Lighter
    Ease (and Es) Everywhere and Readily Available To Me
    I See The Funny Part

  17. Kathleen Avins
    Twitter: spiralsongkat

    Enter Chicken, stage left…

    A few hard things:
    -Unpacking has been going more slowly than I thought it would. The monsters are not happy.
    -Looming dread about dealing with taxes and financial aid applications for daughter’s college next year.
    -The truck unexpectedly broke down yesterday, whoosh, there goes more money flying out the window.
    -(silent retreat on the rest)

    A few good things:
    -Getting more sleep these days, YAY SLEEP, whyever was I so cavalier about it for so many years? Never again, as Future Me is my witness, sleep is sacred!
    -I get to look at a lake every day! I get to sit in my studio and look through the window at a lake!
    -Writing daily, singing daily, treating myself with love.

    Still reflecting on reflecting. It’s good to be here. * <3 *

  18. Havi Brooks
    Twitter: havi

    Weekend Chicken
    I am doing many things I have not done before
    (and there are many categories in which this sentence can live)
    but among them
    getting excited about motorcycles and going to a gun show
    signing up for lessons in [something that scares the hell out of me that is not motorcycles and not guns]
    walking around in many many many circles
    talking to a former librarian from wyoming — the cowboy state but also The Highest State
    I have a favorite library here and a second-favorite library
    my dreams are thick and strange
    I dream about my mother every night
    in my dreams I have very long hair or very short hair
    and I ride a mototcycle with wyoming plates
    there is a musical theater group here in southern utah and they put on a production of
    The Producers, of all things,
    in a town full of retired mormons
    I went to opening night and it was surreal and wonderful
    the choreography was marvelous
    dance dance dance dance dance dance I want to
    live and breathe dance
    I think about changing states and that has two meanings
    if not more
    I think about Wonder Woman and Alastair Reid
    about sleeping more
    about marching in the streets
    I ride waves of [various emotions] in and out
    and turn fiery

  19. MG says:


    Slow breath/ steady heartbeat/ love presence/ fiery star of wrath/

    Safety glasses on/ head up/ center each moment/ revel in stillness

  20. Sue T says:

    Wishes for the rest of the Month of Reflection:

    * Continue to choose & prepare lighter, healthier food
    * Adjust pill schedule so as to go to bed earlier
    * Plan for 2-week absence of my financial coach/assistant – we will be doing call-ins, but on what specifically?
    * Arrange to conclude [kitchen adventure] and start another
    * Call a handyman service about minor exterior repair
    * Choose wisely at [event]
    * Have fun without guilt

    Wish for the year:
    * Consider what I need to safely get to, and enjoy [the Emerald City] – What am I looking for there? What do I want to do there? How should I plan to get there, and when? Is there more than one route? Do I need companions? If so, who? Will there be a wicked witch and flying monkeys? What should I do about them with my monster-calming skills? How is [the Emerald City] different from [Kansas]? Am I intent on leaving [Kansas] for [Oz] permanently?

    Qualities for these wishes:
    * Forthrightness
    * Finesse (as verified by the kitchen adventure)
    * Gratitude
    * Clarity
    * Quiet Excitement/Anticipation
    * Calm
    * Flexibility
    * Joy

    Superpowers invoked:
    * Ease in Negotiating Freedom for All Iguanas
    * Fierce Dancing with [Difficult Partners]
    * Art, Craft, Design, and Music Support Me in All Things

    • Havi Brooks
      Twitter: havi

      Lots of love for you and your beautiful wishes! You always come up with the most inspiring superpowers! MAY IT BE SO, or even better. <3 <3 <3

    • Kathleen Avins
      Twitter: spiralsongkat

      Art, Craft, Design, and Music Support Me in All Things — I *love* this superpower! I would like to share this one, please. <3

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