After the June Rally (Rally!), I decided to share some of my after-the-fact thoughts and notes with you guys.

Mainly because I thought it might be useful to see what a possible version of an Exit Process looks like — that Revue and Review thing we’ve been talking about.

And also because it helps me remember to document the process.

So I’m doing it again, this time for the July Rally that just ended Thursday night.

And who knows, maybe you’ll find something unexpected in here that will secretly help out with something else you’re working on in a fractal flower sort of way…

New traditions that showed up at this Rally.

Muscle-hippo on the move!

In addition to constantly moving the fairy door around from place to place (the wooden one, not the pink one!), there’s another version. A spin-off?

We started obsessing over the sparkly and self-satisfied weight-lifter hippo statue.

So now we’re moving him around the Playground as well. And also posting sticky-notes on him.

Things like: “Love me tender!” and “I’m too sexy for my shirt.”

It was pretty entertaining. I hope it sticks.

Ringing the bell.

At the first few Rallies, I’d ask in the morning when we wanted to break for lunch.

That way, anyone who wanted to lunch with other rallions could meet up at the door. Or decide to stay at the Playground.

At first, lunchtime varied. 11:45? 1:15?

Eventually it just became 12:30. That was just when we’d get hungry.

So the plan would be to gather by the door. Except they’d wait for me. Or forget entirely. And then I’d end up ringing the bell.

But that doesn’t fit with the DIY culture of Rally. So the new thing is that someone can just decide to ring a bell at 12:30. Which is pretty vague. But then it totally worked.

And a continuation of fairly recent traditions.

Extra bonus superpowers whilst schmurphling.

Everyone loves bonus superpowers!

Reminding people to read the PLUM.

The PLUM is the Playground User Manual (thank you, commenter mice, for helping me name this!).

And whenever people get stuck at Rally, it’s invariably because they missed part of the PLUM.

I kept it out in the middle of the room and that helped.

Remembering to notice the side effects.

You know how everyone gets way more good-looking at Rally?

Sometimes I forget to pay attention to this until the last five minutes when all of a sudden we’re all like, Whoah, did it get hot in here? When did everyone get so outrageously gorgeous?

But we remembered. And seriously, we were smokin’ hot.

Some interesting things about Rally #11.

A very quiet group.

Thoughtful, introspective, reflective.

People did their own thing. We did not need a Talking Room. It was chill. I like it all ways, so this totally worked for me.

Some quality blanket forts.

Oh how I wish someone had taken pictures.

There was some really creative blanket-forting going on.

Skewing a bit younger?

If the last Rally was more towards the over-50 side, this one was more like 40-and-under.

Interesting, interesting. You never know. And it never matters. We always connect in weird and wonderful ways.

Some things we changed for this Rally.

I re-thought the closing ceremony and mixed things up a little.

This was the first Rally when I didn’t renovate any of the rooms beforehand.

Thoughts and ideas for future Rallies.

A systems thing! I really need a receipts envelope for things (extra snacks!) that I end up buying during Rally.

And maybe I will save the Ritual of Releasing Expectations for something else. Or do it beforehand?

Stray observations.

I really need to tell people — out loud and possibly also here on the blog — mre about what I’m doing when I’m Intentionally Not Shepherding.

This not-shepherding is a Hiro-concept, and a really important part of Rally.

Sometimes there’s light interpersonal drama at Rally and I do not interfere, other than strengthening the force field of Rally culture.

It’s not that I’m unaware of drama-ing, just consciously choosing to not engage, because it’s really important for everyone there that they channel Rally culture.

Which means working on sovereignty, taking responsibility for your own experience, separating out your stuff from other people’s stuff, and having a conscious intentional relationship with whatever is coming up for you.

That way, when you leave Rally, you can be in your strength.

NOT: “Oh Havi is so great and she resolved everything for us.”

BUT INSTEAD: “Hey, I’m getting better at owning my space, caring for myself and separating from what is not mine, thanks to Rally, yay!”

It always works out exactly as it needs to. And it might also be useful if I did a more thorough job of explaining this out loud before Rally in some form.

What I worked on

My personal focus/theme/project/mission for this Rally ended up being the ever-changing role of Shiva Nata in my business, and how it all works together.

Big stuff.

Favorite part?

Oh so hard to decide!

The madcap shivanauttery, of course.

I loved having such a mix of levels of shivanauts (two teachers there, some people with a semi-regular practice, some who had never done it). Neat.

This made teaching extra fun. We made the practice challenging in the most ludicrous ways.

I also took advantage of this young group to do a much more athletic practice than I usually might (with some sweaty high-impact jumping around!), and that was new.

The amazing results.

So many that I could write up an entire blog post just about the fabulous stuff that happened to us. But I will leave you with these:

Liz: “Ohmygod! Everything you said about Rally was true!”

Tim: “This is truly the most productive I have ever been. I got more done in the hour and a half between morning Shiva Nata and lunch today than in the past four months combined.”

Rhiannon: “This Rally left a wake. I’m almost more in it now than when it was happening. Ripples and ripples…”

And everyone loved the stone skipping card decks! Yay.

Hanging out with the Rallygators.

Especially at the Wine-and-Cheesening on Wednesday.

And going out for pizza lunch on Thursday.

Also having a crazed manic bubble-blowing/bubble-stomping romp with Tim when we were both having a fit at the same time.

Play with me! And comment zen for today.

If you would like to do a Revue for something and you want a place to put it, go for it.

If you’ve been to a Rally and want to share favorite memories, that’s welcome too.

And if you have interest in processing a thing which has happened or things you want to try, go for it.

As always, we remember that this is a process, and a process is really a tiny, sweet thing, so we tread gently.

We recognize our stuff, we let other people have their stuff, we take responsibility for our experience and we don’t tell each other what to do.

Love to the rallygators (past and future!), to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

p.s. The September Rally is nearly full. We do have a couple more spots for August. Rally!