The reason I was walking around two different airports yesterday wearing a giant fuzzy rainbow snake and carrying a very soft cow with a giant head is actually very simple.

They don’t fit into my luggage.

And Flopsy Cowpers doesn’t like the dark, so the inside of a suitcase would be no place for Flopsy anyway.

Also I was wearing a large purple rose in my hair because I couldn’t find a way to pack it without it getting smooshed.

So I may have been a little odd-looking. Ahahahaaaaaa. A little more odd-looking than usual.

This turned out to be a good thing. An exceptionally good thing.

Wearing a giant snake (with a loopy-but-happy expression and a very pink tongue) actually serves many, equally useful purposes. I need to remember this.

  • A giant fuzzy rainbow snake keeps you so warm that you don’t need your coat on the plane! Very cozy.
  • Everyone who encounters you smiles a giant smile. They cannot help themselves. Wham. Their day is now slightly better.
  • The TSA guy asked if I was studying to be a veterinarian and then couldn’t stop laughing. But happy-laughing. This is the best question I have ever been asked. Also I didn’t have to go through the loathsome machines. Probably unrelated, but I’m going to just go ahead and give the snake credit here.
  • The flight attendant also burst into giggles and then asked if she could touch its head. This is also a first. It’s sort of hard to explain how this makes flying more fun but it just does.
  • It’s a really great scarf. Better than a scarf, really.
  • Also it functions as a neck rest. I did not know that.
  • Wearing a giant fuzzy rainbow snake is kind of a sign that announces that you are a total kookypants. It gives you a certain degree of spaciousness.
  • There is room for you. Literally because oh, look, a giant fuzzy rainbow snake. People make room for you. But also emotionally and mentally. It’s a buffer. I adore buffers!
  • But you also get to meet all the fun people. Because you have secretly winked at them with your snake. So they talk to you. And you can talk to them too. Or not. Either way is okay because no one expects you to be predictable when you’re carrying a cow and wearing a colorful boa. Constrictor.

Weirdly, no one made any “snakes on a plane” jokes. So that was okay.

And here’s the best part.

You know how I completely dread being asked what I do?

And how I turn into a stuttering mess whenever this happens?

Which is why I have to pretend I’m five years old or suddenly announce that I’m on silent retreat, or tell people that I’m an interior-interior designer and/or anInternational Woman of Mystery

Well, yesterday the woman seated next to me asked what I did, and I just said it:

“I run this center where people go to play! It’s like preschool but for grown-ups! There’s napping and snacks and costumes and toys, and people come there from all over the world to work on secret projects while eating pretzel sticks and finger-painting and singing pirate songs!”

And she said, Oh, of course that’s what you do.

Because it totally made sense. There’s really nothing else I could do. I mean, come on. I’m wearing a giant fuzzy rainbow boa. Constrictor.

And I have a cow. Named Flopsy Cowpers.

I already knew this, of course.

I always say that costumes solve everything. But I hadn’t thought to take myself so literally, you know?

Worth doing, as Nick would say.

This is the only way to travel.

For me, at least. I can’t wait for my next trip!

Yesterday my big plan was to get a suitcase big enough to hold my giant rainbow snake.

Now my plan is to be the person who has the best snake-scarf. And the best cow. And all doors open for her. Because that’s what happened yesterday.

Play with me. In the spacious commenting blanket fort

So. I’m in Denver right now. Hello, Denver.

With Selma. And the Schmoppet. And Flopsy Cowpers. And the snake.

Anyway… this afternoon we’ll be in Boulder!

Teaching a shivanautical workshop and giggling. With twenty seven lovely, lovely people who read this blog.

In the meantime, let’s play!

You can invent airport costumes and traveling costumes and secret missions. Costumes can also be invisible, you know. Some of the best costumes are invisible.

As always, we’re all working on our stuff. We make this a safe space for playing by letting people have their own experience, and not telling each other what to do or how to feel.

Love to you, from me and the Fluent Self menagerie. All the way from Colorado to wherever you are at the moment.