Door of Courage

Courage Is Coming / Courage Is Here / Courage Restored

At the door to the month of Courage, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done,
and took an exit in the form of saying a goodbye

This exit has been asking me to be brave enough to take it
for a long time now

I even have a sliver of memory from last-year me,
when she was channeling the names of the months,
there was a moment of hesitation at this one, tears welling up,
she must have known, as I do, that this exit is the only right move,
not to mention the only move left,
but still hoping things wouldn’t come to this,
and that a door of Courage could somehow
lead to other things

But here’s what I know

The door of Courage is a yes to what is truly important

For example…

wild self-treasuring,
a commitment to take up more space,
devotion to Pleasure & Freedom,

and the realization that my wild love is reserved for the kind of people who can show up for it with whole self and whole heart, and are worthy, and just because I haven’t met these people yet is no reason to keep pining over a ghost / no point in crying over a dry well, I mean I will cry as much as I want but I can also recognize that the well is no more, and then stop fucking going there to see if there is suddenly water in it for me because there isn’t


Anyway, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done and then immediately
threw up six times
as if my body was saying
“no no no we cannot digest this, what is life without this person’s love”
and I agreed to let the fear leave my body in this form, and
practiced feeling the ground
rolling a ball under the sole of each foot,
awakening to sensation

And then we cried so hard, me and my body,
we cried so hard that we gave ourselves laryngitis,
but that doesn’t make the door of courage any less right,
the tears were in part because it is so very right,
and because I have agreed to feel


Then I did another scary thing and wrote an application for a thing I want,
and felt too nervous to press send,
so I had to pause and urgently call in some superpowers

But when I opened my notebook to name the superpowers,
my phone fell out and there was a text from
someone in the category of

[people who are always on the verge of moving to Texas but not actually moving to Texas]

I somehow know three different people in this category,
though actually many more if you substitute other things for Texas

I am not a fan of this category, having spent my entire childhood in it,
but sometimes I hang out in this category too, because it is comfortable and familiar


Anyway, I told him about the application,
and he said:

“Sweet. I’m so excited for you!
I hope I get to watch you dance once day,
you will look so fiercely flawless!”

Ohmygod yes please to the superpowers of FIERCELY FLAWLESS,
let’s start the list with that,
what a perfect seed…

Calling in the superpowers of Courage Restored!

I Am The Cat and the Star Queen
Crown Is On / Magic Is On / I am On
Alert, Awake, Aware
I Am An Aerialist and I Live In The Air
I Am A Panther and I Am Of The Ground
Ease of Releasing / Wu to the Wei (I let stuff happen and it is right)
It’s A Dry Heat
Saved By Boundaries, Again!
This Is So Much Easier Than I Thought It Would Be
Surprise Good News, Surprise Good Everything
Secret Allies On My Side
Immense Self Treasuring
Gloriously Indifferent aka Effortless Not Caring
Taking Time Out (triple meaning!)
Full Queenliness
Fierce & Fearless, Powerful & Striking

What does the month of Courage hold for me…

A long meandering road trip into the Badlands,
with my friend Lady K of The Jewels who loves the road too

And then I don’t know,
that’s part of why it is so courageous
to let myself find out

Out under the stars
training hard
writing and righting
channeling my next adventures

Resolution (double meaning)

My dance teacher gave me the best dance homework ever:
Turn the entire world into a hotel room that you dance around in,
alone in the dark, wild and free, and do this until

Yes, let’s do that,
this is also a good resolution for the month of Courage,
and a next step

Who am I when Courage is restored?

Let’s find out

What is my wish for this month.

May we all find resources of courage, strength, power and certainty,
so much more than we knew possible,
may we love ourselves with total abandon,
glowing powerful boundaries,
fully present in our declaration that we are ready for
something better,
tending our own fires,
celebrating the wild sparks,
seeding wonder and delight all around us,
fiercely advocating for what is right
(in our internal world and out in the world),
saying our clear yes
staying with this intensely courageous practice of
self-cherishing and self-treasuring

I am the fire that I tend to
I am hearth and flame, keeper and admirer,
yes to blazing and yes to steadiness
yes to life

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