A few weeks ago in one of the Very Personal Ads, I asked for “birthday rituals”. Not really knowing what would show up, but just hoping that something would emerge.

And nothing showed up until then it did. I felt drawn to write a letter to me a year from now, and then I asked her to write back to me.

Yesterday, on my birthday, I shared the letter I wrote to future-me. Today I am posting the letter that she wrote back. This is from me one-year-from-yesterday.

My love,

You are so good to me.

I wish I could paper your world with permission slips: to do less, to know that you are enough, to trust the mission and let the mission do the work.

Take time for you now.

Take more of it.

There is enough. You may not be able to feel the truth of that yet, but there is.

What I wish for you.

Vision, perspective, strength, compassion, comfort, safety, protection, shelter, isolation, connection, sanctuary, trust, knowledge of your own beauty and your own power, appreciation, welcoming, belonging, structure, order, kindness, containment, agility, wisdom, anchoring.

May you know that everything you have done this past year is sufficient and beautiful as it is.

I know you don’t believe me but one day you will.

What I do for you.

I talk to you.

And I hold your hand.

I am the deep breath and the quiet release. I am the loving companion.

Did you know? I create retroactive emergency vacations for you. I help you find your safe spaces.

I plant trust and hope in every corner for you.

And I encourage you to follow desire. With curiosity, receptivity and conscious awareness.

We play. We play a lot. And I look after you.

What I need from you.

Keep me in your sights.

Talk to me often. Call on me for help.

Do less than you think is “necessary”, but more than actually happens:

Do three yoga poses instead of resenting the hour you don’t have, close your eyes for fifteen minutes instead of waiting until you get a real break, whatever that might mean.

Feel out the structures and set up the forms so that I can come in.

Keep dancing the dance.

Know that you are not alone.

The planting of the gwishes.

[This is where I listed all the things I want from the coming year.

These are silent gwishes – things that are in between goals and wishes. They have to do with being the queen of my internal world and everything that comes from that.]

What I am giving you.

Signs and reminders.




A magical bath.

Your crown, of course.

I am with you already.

I am with you already.

Take care of yourself as best you can, and I will be with you the entire way.

Play with me! And comment zen for the blanket fort…

No matter where your birthday falls in the year, maybe you would also like to see what happens when you ask you-in-a-year to write to you-right-now.

It can be as short or as long as you’d like. You can share it here or not. You can follow the structure that came to me or invent your own or just write whatever comes into your head however it wants to appear.

As always: this is a wonderfully safe place. We let everyone have their stuff and their own experience. We make space for people by being welcoming, and not giving unsolicited advice.

Love to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.