An entire page about me

Havi Brooks

Pronunciation guide: HA-vee.

Or say “Harvey” with a British accent.

Things about me

I live (mostly) on the road and I don’t speak and my favorite thing is dancing.

Tied in second place for favorite things: bridges, bells, secret ops, laughing, napping, peanut butter.

I am currently on Shmita, which is a bit like a sabbatical, and an ever-expanding road trip which started as Operation True Yes and is now Operation Ruby Jewel, and I write about all of this on the blog.

Somehow I’ve written fifteen hundred posts here, both because I’ve been doing this for a while, and because for someone who doesn’t talk, I have a lot to say.

About what we do here

Self-fluency: getting to know who and how we are in the world, and in our internal world. What we need, how we best function. Learning to recognize when we’re in our stuff and how we want to interact with it. Remembering the magical rule of Oh Right, Shit Is Not About Me.

We play. It’s interesting how it’s easy turn “mindfulness” and “presence” into this heavy, fraught thing, when actually it can be fun and playful. Even thrilling.

We bring light to shadowy places. We dissolve stuck, rewrite patterns, change how we relate:

Our relationship with ourselves (and our selves), our internal worlds and kingdoms, fuzzy monsters who may or may not like cookies. Also time, space, piles and mysterious projects.

The problem with creative self-investigation is it comes with the worst labels. Blah-self-help-personal-development-time-management-productivity-blah. I reluctantly admit that we do stuff that kind of falls into some of those categories, except it’s not preachy or motivational. We do it in subversive and sparkly ways.

We are all equals here. No external sources of authority needed. I don’t have your answers. I have my answers, and I share how I get to them, but we are all in this together, playing, figuring things out for ourselves.

I have two regular rituals. Fridays we check in and reflect on our week with a Chicken. And I write weekly Wishes or Very Personal Ads. Join in whenever you like.

See also: Whee! The People for more about some of the people who hang out here.

What else can I tell you?

This place has been my online home since 2005 (I know!), and many of my closest real life friends are people I first met here.

For five beautiful years I ran a center in Portland, Oregon called The Playground, for practicing all the stuff we talk about here. And now I’m done with teaching/coaching and any form of being in the front of the room, and am teaching by not-teaching. More about that later. :)

I don’t do email but we can always hang out in the comments, or send a postcard to the address at the bottom of this page, and someone will make sure it gets to me!

I am really glad you are here, and I am glowing love from my thank-you heart,