An entire page about me.

Havi Brooks.


I am a spy. (Probably!)

I love bridges. The way I speak is by smiling.

I am hiding behind a rather large potted plant. But I will wave.

Pronunciation guide.


Sometimes it helps to pretend you’re saying “Harvey” with a British accent.

The way I speak is by smiling.

One thing that is a bit unusual about me is that I don’t speak.

So if we meet, I will smile delightedly at you. I laugh easily, am great with yes-or-no questions, am a marvelous listener and always have post-it notes for scribbling.

Should we both happen to be in a hugging mood, I might hug you.

What we talk about around here.

Presence. But the kind that’s silly and delight-filled. Playful presence. I think we sometimes try to turn “mindfulness” into this heavy, drab, fraught Thing I Should Probably Be Doing. Which is pretty tragic because presence can be hilarious and joyful.

We’re bringing attention to things that don’t always get enough — or any — attention, lovingly dissolving stuck and rewriting patterns:

Your relationship with yourself, your internal world, fuzzy monsters who may or may not like cookies. Also time and space, the piles and shhh projects.

Creative self-investigation runs the risk of the usual labels. Blah-self-help-personal-development-time-management-productivity-blah. So yeah. I’ll admit, reluctantly, that we do stuff that kind of falls into some of those categories, except it’s SPARKLY. Not preachy or motivational. We experiment and play. We have fun. No external sources of authority needed.

I have two weekend rituals that I play with here. Fridays I review the week with a Chicken. Sundays there are Very Personal Ads, which are little wishes, hopes, and dreams. Join in if you like.

See also: Whee! The People for what the people who hang out here tend to be like.

Interviews, real and imaginary, with me.

Silent Retreat Mouse
1) You can read this interview with me that Communicatrix did for 50-for-50.

2) TJ gets me to reveal 30 Things I Love Right Now.

3) And fewer-than-33-things about me. An old one!

Things you believe in.

Love. Love is amazing. And it’s inside you which is kind of weird but also really great because it’s there when you need it. The generosity of strangers. The practice of really, truly getting to know yourself — with all of your stuck and pain — and like yourself anyway.

And you don’t believe in…

Mt. Hood. Email.

People don’t know that…?

I am extremely knowledgeable about beer. I’m trilingual. But silent! And I passionately dislike the word “diphthong”. Just typing it is creeping me out.

How long have you been doing this?

Oh man. It all started in March, 2005 in Berlin. This site went live that August. I started regularly posting my writing here in June 2008. In spring of 2010, we opened a secret playground in Portland.

I have no idea what you’re talking about most of the time!

That’s okay. It really is, I promise.

Also I make up a lot of words. See the glossary for a partial list.

Life philosophy?*

  1. Napping is good.
  2. So are pretty much all forms of quiet, intentional, guilt-free navel-lint-contemplation.
  3. Use your powers for good. Live by what you teach. When you can’t, forgive yourself.

* Just my personal take on things, not something I expect anyone else to live by.

I want to send you lovely things.

Ohmygod. Mailing address at the very bottom of this page. Yay.

That’s all I want to say for now.

Maybe someday we’ll get to meet in real life and that will be beautiful.

In the meantime, I’m right here, and I’m @havi at the Twitter Bar — say kazoo whenever.