About the Director

Havi Bell Brooks portrait

Havi BrooksHavi Bell Brooks portrait

Writer, dancer, troublemaker, passionate liver of life.

Verb, not organ.

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What does a Havi do?

Labyrinth Walker (non-metaphorical).

Cake Detective (extremely metaphorical).


Glamorous Bond Girl. Known Eccentric. Wild Sensualist.

Mixes a mean negroni.

Likes to dance. A lot.

Unapologetic about Safety First and doing whatever it takes to make this noisy complicated world work for someone who is highly sensitive and somewhat witchy.

What does a Havi do here?

Founded The Fluent Self in 2005. Director/curator ever since. Writes about self-fluency and very interior design.

The only teaching she does is of the very sneaky variety — to document/model/live the work of self-fluency by practicing in public.

This is intentional. Anyone with a keen sense of curiosity who wants to study can learn through observation.

And this is how we subvert the rigged-game bullshit of guru culture aka putting other people on pedestals instead of remembering that we have our own answers. Accessing our own wisdom means we have to let go of the idea that someone else could possibly be more of an expert in us than we are.

What does a Havi like?

Play. Quiet. Water. Movement. Horizon. Being under the stars.

Bells. Bridges. Laughter. Napping. Secret ops! Looking for clues. Passing notes. Inventing words and superpowers. Anagram magic.

Texture, explosive color, big taste, richness of sensation. Raw silk. Heaping spoonfuls. Spice. Bare feet on grass. Old wooden doors. Freshly ground peanut butter. Roughness and edges. Anticipation.

Messiness. Order. Contradiction. Rough things that become smooth over time and smooth things that become rough over time. Whispered words. The shapes of letters. Moonstone.

What is she doing right now?

Writing, probably in the form of skipping stones. Testing out ridiculous dance moves on a balance board. Possibly tracing a labyrinth or getting lost in a kaleidoscope. More writing. Making the gallery beautiful. Adding vulcan fire salt to pretty much everything.

How does a Havi do Havi-things?

Play and wonder. Curiosity. Adding quiet. Being a namer who names things. Being wild-free-playful-peaceful-hidden-alive!

And through reducing input as much as possible in order to be in bell state, so that everything she makes is marvelously clear.

She quit email in 2009. She is not on Facebook.

She is mostly non-verbal. She sings in the shower. She is very fond of sound effects. She hums a lot. And laughs about everything.

She has zero interest in internet guru culture or any form of being on a pedestal, being at the front of the room, leading. She believes in teaching through not-teaching.

Where do you find her?

Writing here. Sometimes hanging out the comments of posts. She lives on the road. Current adventures (of the wandering and nesting varieties) find her in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

If you want to play with Havi?

She is not currently teaching or doing coaching-like things, she doesn’t believe in that stuff anymore. Except for exceptions. Her preference is that people first work on their own with self-fluency techniques and material until they can access and trust their own wise knowing and don’t need her at all, but you can read more about all that (haha when she gets around to editing that page?) hopefully soon.

But! You can come play with her at The Last Rally if you like, and come hang out in the comments.

In the meantime, love love love love love. And even more love than that.

photo by heaven mcarthur